Unpublished post from few weeks ago, all bundled up with a double jacket game, warmest custom sweater I have and beanie, it was cold cold! Wearing my beloved Isabel Marant pour h&m boots, Balenciaga wrap bracelet, custom sweater from Hi custom, beanie and cardi stolen from mum ,  ebay bag and leather jacket and ovs fur jacket! I'm working on my newly open youtube channel and a bunch of new videos and I'm super excited, that's the reason I couldn't find the time to post here! Let me know if you have some ideas and what do you want to see on my youtube channel, I wanted to start with a What's in my bag video I will start speaking in Croatian but let me know if you're interested and I will try to do it in English;)



  2. Wow – love this look! You look absolutly stunning and your hair is amazing!
    Would wear the outfit, too and I want all the products in my closet! ♡ ♡