Silk dress and Isabel Marant boots

Isabel Marant boots, yamamay silk dress, h&m jacket, stradivarius sweater 

Hello, wishing to have this hot weather again, where you can mix boots and a babydoll dress with just a jacket, this is one of my favorite looks, I was always dressed like this during September and  October till my trip to Tenerife were I was always in my summer clothes, As you may notice I'm a bit late with my posts here on my blog (soon I'll be posting all of my looks from Tenerife) but for now I have all my adventures on my youtube channel so be sure to check it. 

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Isabel Marant pour h&m boots, Zara pants, H&m sweater (mans selection)
Hello, Just spent two days in Zagreb, done my hair  (btw. how do you like my new color and wavy style?) had few appointments and had fun for the rest of the days, these what I wore on day one- stole to my boyfriend his new shirt Marant booties, white shirt and these amazing zara leather pants. Now I'm back home but just for one day, packing my things than off to Vacay (so stay tuned, I will spam you with vacation posts) First stop is Firenze, for two days then Pisa and then we're going to Gran Canaria, Tenerife..

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ISABEL MARANT boots / LEVIS shorts (ebay) / H&M sweater / TECHNOLOGIC sunglasses here 

Hello FALL, hello new season, hello new clothes, new adventures and new life. I always loved fall because I'm free to wear my favorite summer pieces with some cozy winter pieces. These is my favorite one- boots and turtleneck sweater with my favorite summer shorts from levis- this look is also today in a Croatian magazine Budi in which is out today with  the best selling croatian newspapers 24sata and I am happy about that.

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Wearing lace up flats from ebay, levis shorts, Isabel Marant tank top, Zara doctor bag

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Old gladiator sandals- Celine sunglasses- Levis shorts-Forever 21 necklace
Hello, It's been a hectic week but I finally found the time to post few pics of one of my favorite summer look- little white dress and levis shorts underneath simple yet amazing. And these gladiator sandals are my everything for the summer and all of you keep asking me where I got them, I bought them when I was in high school in a mini shoe shop and I kept wearing them till today, and the other day as I was wearing them the straps tear apart but I manage to find a guy who made a miracle and fixed them!

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Ebay flats / Celine sunnies / Forever 21 jewellery / Dresslink fringe mini 

Hello.... Didn't posted for a while, but now that I've been sick for two days I finally found the time to update all my social media acc blog, youtube channel, instagram and facebook, so it seems that one has to be sick to have some free time (unfortunately)  So I had this shoots from few weeks ago and I didn't find the time to post it so here it is now, and all that I have in mind when choosing what to wear is one thing: would it be to hot in these/that? Yes, the heat is insane I don't know about you guys but I'm not standing these abnormally hot weather here in Croatia, and yes we have the sea, great beaches and all but it's even too hot for that! Hahah.

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Bussiness at the top party at the bottom

Hi dear ones! Lately I've been living in my shorts, all kind of denim shorts from my vintage light wash levis to these bandit shorts from One teaspoon, shorts all summer long! I love to mix my ankle boots with shorts to make a contrast and a summer meets winter style. And also I love to mix different styles so this one is appropriately called business at the top party at the bottom because I feel like a lady boss in these forever 21 blazer but with my one teaspoon bandit shorts I feel like a party freak and then also my beloved Isabel Marant boots give a boho festival vibe to the outfit, love this trio!

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 Hello guys, just a quick post, here's what's happening lately on my insta, be sure to check it (right corner on my blog you'll find the instagram box) ! Since I didn't find the time to update you with new outfits and stories I decided to post two of my favorite summer combinations from my instagram feed, new lace top from Ashanti Brazil and a mix of nude pink shades on the image below.Hope you like it and I hope I will find the time to update my blog and youtube soon!

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I don't realize how blessed and lucky I am to have the sea few minutes of walk from my house, so lucky to live by the sea and have this fantastic view all the time. I felt like I need to capture those happy moments with these beautiful sea and show you my peaceful paradise ;)

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Zara sandals, Dresslink fringe skirt here, ebay bag, celine sunglasses, forever 21 bracelets

Another piece from dresslink, remember the first one? the amazing lace dress? Be sure to check it here- Love the festival mood in this fringe false leather skirt, perfect both with heels and flats. Another reason why I love dresslink so much are the prices, just for 10 dollars you can dress to perfection!

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Isabel Marant x h&m boots and belt, Celine sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, One teaspoon bandit shorts
One of my favorite summer outfits. Simple yet amazing! Shorts, cotton white shirt and boots. Yes, boots, I'm that kind of person who wear boots all season,even in summer, I'm a freak!

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Casual skinny jeans and white tee, random problems walking in high heels and my tips

Hello world wide web! Here's another casual look from me to you! Just a casual look for a city stroll. I like street style casual looks, especially combined between comfortable and cool clothes. The ingredients for this look are so simple- grab your best looking jeans, the ones that fit you like a glove, then grab a random white tee from your boyfriend's closet and add just one little sexy detail- lace up heels. Everything will look fine except if you have trade your high heels for sneakers in the past (just like me :) and you think you still know how to walk in high heel like you did back in the past when Fridays, Saturdays and maybe even another day during the week were your days reserved for dancing  all nigh long in heels, but now everything has changed and even if you try hard looking sexy while walking on high heels you're looking more like a macho man than a hot girl. That's my true story!! How to solve the problem? Add a good leather jacket, no one can blame a girl in a hot biker jacket and a tee stolen from her boyfriend that she can't walk in heels, why? Because no one sees that problem when your wearing these three things which are like a epitome of what's cool on a girl even if she's a little clumsy high heel walker but that's still cool, right girls? So now you know why I'm always in leather jackets- I'm kidding!!! ( maybe not)

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Over knee boots even in summer

I couldn't resist to these new babies, even it's summer I love to wear them and style them in different ways, this time with my favorite one teaspoon shorts, asos tank and faur fur over, it was windy so my faux fur was on point!

Nisam mogla odoljeti ovim čizmama do koljena iako smo već u ljetnoj sezoni, ne vidim razloga zašto ne nositi čizme po ljeti, meni je to tako fora! Ovaj put ih nosim uz najdraži shorts one teaspoon brenda i asos topom, šta kažete na outfit?

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Fashion tnt x The perfect summer lace dress

Hello my friends, hope you enjoy in the hot summer and have fun! This is my new and already favorite dress, it's pretty simple but so so divine! Check dresslink to see more fab dresses tops and trendy pieces for the lowest price on the market!

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DR.Martens + oneteaspoon

HELLO people! Here is how I dress during the transitional time from spring to summer, mixing it up with Dr.Martens boots, furry vest, black hat and summer favorites- one teaspoon shorts and a simple oversized black tee, how do you like this combo?

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Isabel Marant pour h&m boots / See through maxi skirt gift from my mum / Zara jacket and bag / Nasty gal sunnies

Last post having my favorite biker jacket on! It's getting too hot here, so I must say I'm a little bit sad that I can't wear my leather jackets any more, but I feel very inspired for my summer outfits, and can't wait to wear and style my summer pieces, this was fav days ago, fav boots and leather jacket with a maxi sheer see through skirt!

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100 % BAE

Asos T-shirt/ H&M fur vest / Isabel Marant sneakers / Nasty Gal sunglasses / Forever 21 necklaces

 One afternoon spent in the old part of my city, I rarely go there, but when I do I realize how amazing my city is! Pretty simple outfit, 100% bae t-shirt from my bae ;) hehe and zara leather jeans, Marant sneakers and my beloved long fur, couldn't resist to wear it the last time this season!

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Isabel Marant pour H&M pants, DIY green tee, Isabel Marant burt sneakers, H&M turtleneck, Celine sunglasses, Ebay bag

I almost forgot that I shoot this outfit, I loved the all white clean look with a touch of different shades of green from my DIY tee to my Isabel Marant sneakers, shirt, and celine sunglasses all those were in a different green shade, but it looked natural and monochromatic yet different and cool!

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plitvice lakes

 Isabel Marant pour H&M tank top / Bomber jacket / Zara boots/ Vans sunglasses / H&M white turtleneck

I just loved to see my Country more, I always go abroad for my road trips and vacations, this time a friend of mine had a birthday party and we all together went to Plitvice lakes for a day, it was amazing, I already seen the lakes when I was in middle school but I barely remember how it looked like and I wasn't able to explore every lake since the school trip was planned and we saw just a bit of this beautiful lakes. This time we explored every beautiful corner of this amazingness. I also filmed all so you'll find everything live at the bottom of my post to see well how breathtaking Plitvice are!

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Isabel Marant sneakers / Celine sunglasses / H&M sweater / 

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Isabel Marant burt snekaers from theoutnet / Missguided pants / Zara sweater and jacket / Alexander Wang bag 

Casual days when I feel tomboyish and all I want is to put on a drop crotch pair of leathers and sneakers, sweater and a pair of sunglasses, no make up no hair style nothing just going with the flow!

To su oni moji klasicni dani kada se osjecam muškasto i sve sto zelim je staviti hlace koje padaju i par tenisica pustiti kosu kako god stajala, bez make upa i previse tenzija!

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I wanted somehow move forward my blogging and start something new. I planned this for long, and didn't know how to express my inspo and daily things into something cool, After a lot of thinking and crating so many videos (that at the end I didn't posted)  I decided to go with the flow, just start filming everything that I love and find inspiring,  so here are my first videos , 1) What's in my bag, a youtube classic! 2)videos about my roadtrips, 3)new items, fashion favorites 4)New trends and what to wear this summer! I would appreciate your opinion and advices! For now I'm filming in my language - Croatian, but I'll start doing it in English ! 

Htjela sam preci korak naprijed i preci sa mog bloganja u nove avanture, dugo sam razmišljala kako i sta. Radila tisuću neuspjelih videa i živcirala se oko toga, nikako nije ispadalo dovoljno cool ili fora za ono sta sam ja zamislila. Htjela sam dodatno izraziti moju kreativnost i moju želju za podijeliti modne beauty i razne druge savijete sa vama. Na kraju odlučila sam iči jednostavnim putem, bez ikakvih tenzija samo snimati ono što mi je lijepo i ono šta mislim da bi vas inspiriralo tako da donosim vam moje prve zalaze u  youtube vode! Zasad su svi na Hrvatskom iako planiram ih raditi i na engleskom zbor različitije publike i gledatelja/ followersa, voljela bi sad čuti i vaše mišljenje i savjete oko svega toga!! 

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Isabel Marant "burt" sneakers, Zara pants and military shirt, Isabel Marant pour h&m belt, ebay bag

This is the first time I wore my new sneakers from Isabel Marant,  I was just simply looking to make a simple boyish kind of look, grey bf's sweater and military over sized shirt with leather pants, with no make up, styling my hair just like I do when I'm at home- a half up top knot leaving the rest of my hair down, messy and easy.

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Tony Bianco heels- Isabel Marant pants- ebay jacket-Alexander Wang bag

This is by far my favorite season, the season where everything is possible, mix leather pants and jacket with bare legs and just a perfect pair od nude pointed toes, how do you like this combo?

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New overknee boots by public desire

YES! I finally found my perfect pair of over knee boots! I already have a beige pair but they are not too thigh! I wanted a thigh-er and strech version in black to match with a nice layered black look for spring! Even if it's a classic pair for winter I can wait to style them with my shorts and skirts. Found them at public desire. Check them here! 

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QUEEN OF BLACK- spring edittion with see throught maxi skirt and vintage boots

Vintage black boots- see through maxi skirt- H&M  sleveless hoodie - Nasty Gal sunnies- DIY cut out shirt - Zara bag

 Mixing the opposites- that's what truly inspires me! Especially when is time to change your wardrobe for a new season, this is the best time to express your creativity through your dressing! I love playing that game, in the beginning of fall  I love to wear winter pieces such as cozy long knits with my summer shorts, and the opposite- for spring I love a mixture of winter essentials with light spring clothes! These outfit was all about the opposites attract game, new vintage boots with my see through maxi skirt and my new cut out shirt!

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Isabel Marant pour H&M pants- Isabel Marant sneakers-ebay jacket- Alexander Wang bag- Vans sunglasses 

Just a casual stroll along the beach, we found a cute beach house and shoot few pics of my outfit in it, just my fav sneakers, leather pants and jacket. 

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 New sneaks!!! AND they are from my fav designer! I wanted to have these sneakers in black but after all I realize it would be nice to have them in this color for spring, especially I'm always in a monochromatic combination, to add a nice pop of color to my black or white clothes, so I got these beauties instead, they are on sale too! so what do you thing? Did I make a right choice or it would be better the black ones!

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Asos-blazer, DIY cut out shirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, Isabel Marant sneakers

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Zara overknee boots(old)-Levis shorts-h&m sweater-Missguided jacket- Michael Kors watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses- Calzedonia stockings 

Casual sunny day and it finally starts to feels it's spring and I couldn't wait to wear again my levis shorts, love it with these over the knee boots, paired with a brown sweater and creamy jacket, unfortunatlly I had to wear stockings although I hate them but is still a bit too cold without them, but I cannot wait to wear again this combo with bare legs it will look a lot better!

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Rolling stones sweater- Zara zipper jeans- ebay jacket-  max&co mini bag

I GOT THE BEST fan sweater EVER, the best I could ask for , with the logo of one of the most iconic bends of all times! I freaking love it...  That tongue print is such a statement, I know that print as long as I can remember and  I always knew for that band with a strong and powerful energy, with a nostalgic and stoned yet so intriguing sound. Enough about my love for the rolling stones, as for the rest of my outfit- what else to wear with a statement shirt like this? all black, statement zipper leather pants and a red clutch to match the colors of my shirt.

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Rifle bell bottoms / Stradivarius old jacket / h&m shirt / DIY t-shirt / Jakimac bullet necklace / celine sunglasses / Isabel Marant pour h&m boots

Saturdays laid back look calls for effortless bell bottoms, cosy simple sweater and a whole lot of details, double necklaces and fav sunnies, I already know many of you dislike bell bottoms, but I had  always a thing for them, I feel like they are perfect to achieve a good look without too much effort, they make a cool statement instantly!

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WEARING: Tony Bianco heels / ASOS jeans / H&M top / Maison Martin Margiela cuff 
Loving the way this high neck top goes with everything, it adds a strong minimal impression to all my clothes! With my new jeans from Asos and nude pointed toes it's a classic minimal yet effortless thing!

Obozavam kako ova moja nova majica iz H&M stoji, pase uz sve i daje onaj klasican minimal touch svakom komadu. Uz nove izderane hlace koje sam uzela na asosu i najdraze cipele u nude nijansi nekako je sve minimalno i istovremeno effortless! 

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 I never wore these Jeffrey Campbell heels, I bough them like one year ago and always when I try them I just find them too strange, but this time I wanted to spice up my normal look, and these are perfect for that purpose. Adding a rad, strange accent to my new asos ripped jeans, classic turtleneck and leather jacket!

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ISABEL MARANT BOOTS from Marion Heinrich here & LEATHER PANTS / H&M crop top in size L / EBAY bag / DIESEL sunglasses 

Love love love how my new Isabel Marant leather pants work with all white combos, as well with her wedge boots!  Crisp clean simple and for that extra touch I have my diesel colored frame sunnies!

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H&M hat/ old ripped knee jeans / Forever 21 blazer / h&m silk kimono / Zara ankle boots and tee 

Woke up with a strong desire to wear tons of black, layers and layers of different materials and cuts  all in one color! I wanted to achieve the look I imagined! First, the ripped jeans and classic Vcut tee- the essentials,  a silk kimono to lux it up and a cutted sleeves blazer over for a very modern and minimal vibe, and totally forgot I had my old hat that at the end turned all the combo on another level, I just love to let my mood decide what I will wear and if one day I have this idea of a angel alike look playing with whites the other day I want the exact opposite, and this is all part of playing and having fun with clothes, that's the whole point! 

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      You know that feeling when you get too excited about a piece you just bought and you could not help yourself and resist to try it out even if you don't have to go anywhere, you want to have that nice feeling just for yourself and assure you brought a great thing. Everytime I buy something I'm always re-trying it when I get home to assure I brought something worth the excitement;) This time I wanted to capture those moments, and also check out how my new selfie stick works ;)

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 Having a great morning with a pack of strawberries and red rosses, hope you all have a great Valentines day lovelies!!

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Trying to escape this windy weather today, wanted to SHOOT my fav layered black look enriched with these beautiful hat but the weather didn't let me, so here's my attempt!! The photos turn out exactly how I felt - gone with the wind ;)

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Just found few exclusive pieces from the sold out collection Isabel Marant pour H&M, the boots from the collection were my first love and I looked high and low to find them and at the end I couldn't resist to these awesome leather pants from the same collection too, I couldn't decide the color so I took all the colors because I know these are a good investment and very hard to find so here they are- the black, red, and the white model!

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Coca Cola- my favorite drink and Isabel Marant - my favorite designer, these two toghether make the perfect match for a nice fun stroll, love how it was all accidentally matching, the color of my pants with a can of my fav drink, my mini bag and Hard rock tee! I did promise a pop of color, and here it is!!!

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Yet another black on black post, another look with my beloved Isabel Marant pour h&m boots, next post will be with a pop of color, I promise! But right now even if I have in mind to put on something brighter it always end up with me choosing a classic black outfit instead! This time I wanted to spice it up with a crop top from Zara which  I have for like one year and I didn't wore a lot!

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leather on leather game with my new zara leather zipper pants

I have finally found the zara leather pants with zippers, the pair of pants I was searching and loving for so long! The perfect pair of pants that matches my style and suit to everything, classic with a rock and roll vibe and a dose of rebelness ! Obviously I will wear them with many many things but first I wanted to match them with nude pointed heels, my new "doctor" bag, classic cotton tank from Isabel Marant and favorite leather jacket!

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Unpublished post from few weeks ago, all bundled up with a double jacket game, warmest custom sweater I have and beanie, it was cold cold! Wearing my beloved Isabel Marant pour h&m boots, Balenciaga wrap bracelet, custom sweater from Hi custom, beanie and cardi stolen from mum ,  ebay bag and leather jacket and ovs fur jacket! I'm working on my newly open youtube channel and a bunch of new videos and I'm super excited, that's the reason I couldn't find the time to post here! Let me know if you have some ideas and what do you want to see on my youtube channel, I wanted to start with a What's in my bag video I will start speaking in Croatian but let me know if you're interested and I will try to do it in English;)

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COOLEST JEANS WITH THE DOPEST SWEATER- THAT'S WHAT WOULD I WEAR IN JANUARY ! I recently found Net a porter's new label called FINDS which offers the cool-est selection of new emerging brands discovered by their buyers and sold exclusively on net a porter, I've found the dopest jeans with lace inserts and zippers and the cool sweater with fab quotes, that's what I imagine as my dress code for January- after all the festivity looks and dressy outfits January is the perfect month for laid back and cool!


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Military green meets washed blk

-Isabel Marant pour H&M boots- Ebay jacket and bag- Celine sunglasses- 
Lately I've been loving all the shades of green  from olive green to forest green, in fact I was planning to add some in my outfits, so yes I'm completely in love with these outfit, totally in a military olive green mood, love to match a simple tee with nails, sunglasses and belt, as well love how the olive green matches the ripped washed blk jeans and IM pour h&m boots which are also a washed black tone! How do you like my ootd? x Nicol

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2 ♠️ leather jackets

I'm in love with the new leather jackets I recently added to my accurate collection of black beauties! Obviously I'm a big fan of this type of jackets, I think a good leather jacket is such a staple piece,  adds a dramatic and sexy twist to any style, love to wear them with a classic cotton shirt, knit sweater, jeans or/and even with a dress. In fact if I wasn't suffering from cold during winter that much I would probably wear leather jackets only. During the past years I was always obsessed with these Balenciaga model and with the Celine model but the prices of my dreamy models are unbelievable, so until I'll save for the perfect model I'm always in the search for something inbetween reasonable price, good quality/great look. Lately I got those two, the first one has a nice high neck design with multi straps and silver details and looks so crazy with my forever 21 necklace on, the second one is another Christmas gift that I got and it's from Asos and it's actually a crepe textured black jacket with faux leather inserts but I love it, here also in set with my forever 21 necklace and it look so nice together? doesn't it? 

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