Hope you had an amazing year, and hope 2015 will be even better, thanks guys for following me! Here's a summary of my outfits in 2014, if you click on the photo there is a direct link to the original post! Hope you'll have fun on the New Years eve! ALL THE BEST,
 xx Nicol

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Sport leggings cosy beanie and sweater in same fluffy material Isabel Marant fringe boots and a statement silver necklace just loving to get cosy the last days of 2014! How do you spending the last days of this year?  

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 Missed my blog and I didn't post for few days, but when it's Christmas time it's just like this-   dinners, coffee dates, chats with people you haven't seen for a while, night outs with friends and you just want to relax and forget you're a blogger (happens to me;)  This time of the year is just breathtaking, I love the Christmas vibes, it's about the positive energy of the people that makes me happy, yes, that positive energy which we forget about the rest of the year because the many problems.  I must admit I just love gifts, especially when your dear ones know you so well and get you something you've been crazy about, but I really appreciate the simple things like my mothers cookies a simple crazy pajamas from my boyfriend saying 100% BAE, then the Italian Panettone which I love to share with my mom while opening the gift the Christmas morning! Well, the Tony Bianco nude heels are also dreamy, the leather jacket amazing, the lingerie perfect but the feeling I have my family around and all of this is priceless, I also didn't forget  to make gifts for my dear ones, Traditionally my father got a big package of Nutella, and many sweets because he has crazy about sweets, boyfriend a nice perfume and for my mother I got a pack of our fav Italian cookies and some VERY  Chrismassy Kitchenware to stay in the right mood! What did you receive for Christmas? Did you had fun? 

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Balenciaga bracelet-  h&m sweater and jeans - Zara knee high boots - Celine sunglasses -Missguided jacket
It's been a while since I wore my favorite winter material- knit, we had amazing hot weather and I didn't get the chance to wear it often but yesterday the temperature got lower so I took a chance to cover myself with the coziest and fluffiest material,  knitted sweater+beanie and a shirt underneath in the similar tone.

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HARD ROCK TEE from Prague, ZARA suede over knee boots + shirt / Balenciaga bracelet / EBAY bag / Celine sunglasses 

I'm totally in a festive Christmas mood, running errand in the simplest and most comfortable pair of jeans I own with a Hard Rock tee I got in Prague and a cup of coffee to set up all for Christmas, searching the perfect Tree and the last Christmas presents for my family and just having fun doing it

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WITH A NEW BAG +  and a cup of starbucks coffee we went CHRISTMAS shopping!  Here's my photodiary !

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MY FAVORITE KIND OF SHOTS- the one that captures only the details and I think a nice details picture tells more than the whole outfit photos. Its much easier to make outfit photos then this kind of photos because of the light and the camera lenses, for the photos capturing your details you need to have a special lens and since we got one I wanted to give it a try! Lately I've been buying a lot of stuff on ebay, this cute starbucks iphone case is one of them paired with matching nails and silver accessories and all white outfit! I'm thinking to make a post soon with all the cute and cheap stuff I got on ebay so let me know if you want it;) 

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 Shoes: Isabel Marant / Pants: Zara / Suit: Forever 21 / Bracelet: Balenciaga / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Tank top: Isabel Marant pour H&M / Sunglasses: Vans / Beanie: Piazza Italia

Favorite new shoes and favorite cape blazer paired with the street-style favorite - cool knitted beanie and mirror sunglasses, leather pants and tank top and I'm ready to go!

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Kicking the beginning of the week with a oversized silver watch and cat ear headband  from h&m, hope you start your week in a nice way! 

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I didn't post my instagram photos for a long period,  I missed it!  Instagram became my number one social through which I express myself and the application on my phone which I use the most! 
IF YOUR NOT FOLLOWING ME ON INSTA already- here's what you missed !
Love to snap a picture to everything around me that's inspiring and fascinating. from interior design, great cars, marvelous outfit details.. shortly I like to capture all the beauty that life offers around me,  immortalize my desk looks, styles, my home decoration, accerssories, my hair looks, make up and more...

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I'm not really the biggest fan of  colors, but from time to time I have my color crush and I would like to have just a detail or two in a specific color and wear it with  simple monochrome looks! This time I would love to rock something green, this eight pieces are perfect to make a stand out from the rest of the outfit!

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