2X ISABEL MARANT scarlet + fringed boots- my lovestory with her shoes

I couldn't avoid to show you guys my newest purchases, I decided to introduce you properly with my love story for the shoes labeled Isabel Marant! I'm obsessed with her French cool design and you can't imagine how happy I was when I manage to catch two of her most desirable models on sale! My love story with her shoes started 2011 when I first spotted her (then not so popular) sneakers, I predicted the invasion of the design labeled Isabel Marant, second love affair started when she crated the perfect everyday shoes classy enough to match a pretty dress and edgy enough to make a stunning impression with simple jeans and tees then followed a storm called Marant, every it girl wore her design and she started to create even better shoes, I was hooked. When she made the collab with H&M I wasn't impressed at the beginning and didn't get them, maybe I was blinded and obsessed with her previous work or maybe because the shoes from the collab were a bit different, I hated the strange cone heel at the beginning but slowly stared to appreciate the rad look until I realized I like them so much and stated hunting for a pair, the starting price about 120 euros got higher everyday and the fact that they got to 500 euros (and we are talking about a second hand pair) was crazy! Few weeks ago I spotted a new Croatian shop selling exclusively the whole collection,  I immediately ordered my long desired boots ;) skeptical I didn't expected to get the real thing but they were real and brand new;) The second pair is the model called Scarlet- not exactly the pair I liked the most but strangely like with the previous hate then love stories with Marant shoes I  make up my mind the same second I tried them. I got them at the Marion Heinrich outlet in Munchen, they also had this model unfortunately not in my size, and many many designers as Tom Ford, Isabel Marant and Chloe all  70% off, what's better than that?  ;)



  1. wow beautiful layout and pictures :)


  2. Wonderful the boots of isabel marant ! Lovelies ! Congratulations !

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