roadtrip day 1 - soft and cozy outfit to start my vacation

JEANS- h&m / BAG- 3.1Phillip Lim / JACKET- Zara / KIMONO-h&m / SNEAKERS- Rivers Island
Jeans, sneakers, cozy silk cape and just a soft leather jacket over all- that was my official outfit to start my 6 day vacation/road trip, I wanted only  comfortable and soft clothes to travel cosy without problems and be able to explore the cities, enjoy in every little second, explore the sights and see how people in each city live. That was my first day off, without plans, I was just doing whatever I wanted, walked around, took a lunch brake and then at the evening I went to Cro a Porter for a portion of lifestyle and fashion (shown in the previous post)! The morning after we already packed our suitcases and started our trip though Europe!