Confused weather- confused wardrobe

Shorts- bershka / Tight high boots- zara old / Sunglasses- diesel / Sweater- Zara

It's AUGUST finally! My favorite month and also my birthday month, YAY! Somehow my outfit doesn't represent the typical august outfit,  usually it's by far the hottest month of the year and  I wouldn't even consider wearing boots in this exact time of year but this summer is so crazy that made it possible! So, even if we don't have a super hot nice weather who cares? I'm taking advantage of this confused weather mood and mix some of my summer pieces with my favorite winter pieces- high boots and long knitted sweater! I'm happy enough with just a bit of sun and that fine breeze!


  1. great boots & sunglasses!

  2. amazing outfit girl
    you look great
    dig them boots


    e d i o t