HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!! Last combination I wore was like simplicity meets dramatics  - sheer materials, the high- low skirt I which is my very own design with a hot flying effect, crop top, blazer with accentuate shoulders a classic men silver watch and the boots which I'm dying for!! Love the dramatic twist on this outfit- the super thigh skirt with a special "flying" effect at the side that meets the craziest boots in the planet-  the blck fold over boots !

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ZARA pointy toes / MET flare leg bottoms / 3.1 Phillip Lim bag / Michael Kors bag / Fendi cuff / 

Few days ago my outfit was like this- simple black men shirt with added strong shoulders, sleeveless hoodie and a denim shirt tied around the waist, The Shirt tied around the waist is a 90's staple and for me it represent everything about the underground style, the  hoodie as well, it is kinda like a typical piece for a rapper- hip-hop culture- look! For this kind of outfit there was no better place to shoot it then the rusty abandoned parking lot at the end of the city which we came across after hours of sightseeing the whole city of Trieste, Italy.

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Dr.Martens boots / 3.1 Phillip Lim bag / H&M jacket / Fendi cuff / Michael Kors watch 

HELLO FELLAS, Here's my ultimate and personally my all time favorite look. The leading idea which inspired me to make this look was mixing and playing up with high end and low end pieces of my wardrobe . The dress I'm wearing was my prom dress few years ago.  It is a made to measure gown in classic black silk material with a reflecting tiny little bit of deep blue shade. With a lux material like silk I decided to go the Mary Kate-Ashley Olsen way  and without thinking too much I added rebel Dr.Martens boots at the bottom,  a sporty jacket, no name classic cotton sweater and aviator shades to bring more of a casual mood and my favorite bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim with a variety of gold accessories to match the luxury of a dress.. Now let me hear what do you thing about matching up a little of high end with a little of low end clothing?

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ZARA lace up heels / Ann Christine skinny jeans / Design by Humans butterflies t-shirt / Fendi cuff / Miu Miu sunglasses  
 One of the leading Croatian fashion sites called BUDI IN   gave me the opportunity to express my style while wearing one of their T-shirt, what's the occasion? Their web shop which is selling awesome t-shirts called Design by Humans - the brand specialized in printed shirts have a variety of prints from the funny ones to the more stylish ones and you can also make your very own design. I choose to impersonate a typical  rocker girl chic by mixing two styles in my outfit-  something typical rebel rock with shades of pink and cute butterflies, sweet and sour at the same time, exactly how I like it !

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Yesterday I tried the new nail color collection from YSL and I was amazed by this pale rose color called ROSE ROMANTIQUE. I'ts so good for summer!! 

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Dr.Martens boots/ 3.1 Phillip Lim bag / Missguided body / H&M jacket / Michael Kors watch/ Ray ban classic wayfarer / Fendi leather cuff / Marc by Marc Jacobs iphone case 
If you ask my which is my favorite part of the day I would definitely say early mornings!  I love to start the day taking a sweet and tasty cup of coffee to go to in one hand and a bunch of daily newspapers in another, dress like I was sleeping while dressing (which is almost the truth) and go to the most relaxing place- at the beach. I'm lucky enough to have the beach just few minutes of walk away from my house! Mornings like this are my favorite type of relax and that silky soft black pajamas and comfy Dr.Martens boots on my feet gave to my morning a dash of easy going style, nothing overdressed.  nothing too much just that minimal dose of style with gold details while concentrating on being nothing but comfortable  ! 

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