Short hair dont care

                   HEY HEY HEEEY..... So, as you may notice by the pics I shortened my long hair..Kinda missing those long locks and my natural hair color with just few lowlights but I needed a transformation! I wanted this type of hairstyle for a long time! Actually here's the story- every time I visit my hairdresser I have this idea but when my hairdresser starts to chop my hair I feel like I will miss my long hair . This time I had a very straight idea- bob hairstyle with thick very blonde almost white shades of highlights! Actually, maybe I would have changed my mind one more time but as I was updating and playing around on instagram she already made the cut heheh! So here are just few pics shot with my iphone a low quality but I wanted to show you guys the change! Hope you like it;)
                       BLONDE HAIR IN PROCESS !!