Missguided jacket / Isabel Marant tank top / Alexander Wang heels / Celine sunglasses 

New jacket from MISSGUIDED! Love this  pale beige - grey shade, in fact the whole outfit was inspired by the color of the jacket matched with Alexander Wang heels, Isabel Marant white tank and Celine sunglasses. I wanted to stay in the same tone with all the pieces for a monochromatic vibe! With a minimal monochromatic look like this I knew there's this  perfect place to shoot the look which will suit perfectly the outfit I'm wearing, and it's the new beach we have in our city- loving the whole modern design, the place is gorgeous mixing the colors of our beautiful blue sea with a modern design all in bright tones! The sky and the sea and everything made my day.  I'm hoping I will have the chance to shoot more looks there to show you the gem of my city!

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 WEARING ZARA shirt with gold zippers, MICHAEL KORS watch, VINTAGE white skirt, CELINE sunglasses

Sometimes I get this feeling when I wear something...  You know that feeling when you  wear something and say:  "that's so me, I feel so good in this"Exactly, when you have that feeling you have possibly found your perfect  MATCH. The pureness of white colors has always been my weakness, White tones attract me simply because there's  no other color that can bring these clean and minimal vibes like whites. I love to add just few monochromatic tones and  a touch of gold with it. When I saw this sweater at Zara it was love at first sight, Its so minimal but very modern with the chunky gold zippers

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Short hair dont care

                   HEY HEY HEEEY..... So, as you may notice by the pics I shortened my long hair..Kinda missing those long locks and my natural hair color with just few lowlights but I needed a transformation! I wanted this type of hairstyle for a long time! Actually here's the story- every time I visit my hairdresser I have this idea but when my hairdresser starts to chop my hair I feel like I will miss my long hair . This time I had a very straight idea- bob hairstyle with thick very blonde almost white shades of highlights! Actually, maybe I would have changed my mind one more time but as I was updating and playing around on instagram she already made the cut heheh! So here are just few pics shot with my iphone a low quality but I wanted to show you guys the change! Hope you like it;)

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Dr.Martens boots - h&m skinny jeans - 3.1Phillip Lim bag - Vans sunglasses 

DR.Martens boots, classic skinnies,  blazer with strong shoulders, sunnies and a black leather bag, The style that reminds me of a casual uniform, it has a strong impact, rigidness and a rebel vibe, but its also very comfortable and at the same time very versatile- adding few different details it could be a whole different story!

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