Red Bull Air Race Ready

NIKE AIR JORDAN -sneakers / VANS- sunglasses / H&M- moto jeans / jacket/ hoodie 

 Yesterday, having a happy afternoon while strolling around my city enjoying in a yummie pink ice cream and  watching my town getting all in the spirit of  red bull air race, which will be held from 12-13.04 so exited to see the pilots working their magic in the sky, I already posted some nice snapshoots from their training today on my instagram account. As for my outfit I wore some pretty simple stuff all in a sport mood- air jordans, mirror sunglasses and moto jeans.
I'm already well equipped with my camera and GoPro, and i'm hoping that i will get some pretty nice shoots, so stay tuned with my Instagram and Facebook to see the spirit of Red Bull Air Race!


  1. I love your shoes! <3

  2. love your sneakers!