Few days ago I went to a short trip to ZAGREB, check few shops took a  long coffee date with a friend I haven't seen in a long time, at the evening headed to a perfect  dinner!! Here are few of my very favorite items for spring- and it's all about minimal whites with a mix of bleached denim and sweet pale pink colors, what do you think I brought  at the end?!!  And let me sent a special HI for a special crew in ZAGREB,  I heard you're watching me and I couldn't be prouder ;))

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MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA jacket / H&M moto jeans / FENDI cuff / RAY BAN wayfarer /  3.1 PHILLIP LIM ryder bag

Wearing two of my personal favorites- the FOLD OVER BOOTS & ADJUSTED BIKER JACKET simply my wardrobe staples! Rare, basic yet with a very modern vibe, the style which looks even a bit insane and crazy if you wish,  very different from the basic pieces we are seeing everyday but still simple enough to fit with your "normal pieces".  I had to mix them together just because I think they are the epitome of the new era of style, the new way fashion's been taking while in the search of something even more modern and spectacular, I find these two pieces both stick to that with  particular cuts, mix of  different textures a game between skinny and loose fit 

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H&M lace ears- CHOIES givenchy inspired boots- FENDI cuff- VINTAGE gold watch- ZARA turtleneck- BLACK SHEER CAPE made by me- H&M moto jeans

 HAPPY EASTER GUYS, This was my yesterday's  EASTER inspired look! A mix of sheer, lace with some cute bunny ears in the leading role, they somehow  became like a tradition for me, I love to wear them every EASTER, do you remeber last easter with the pink ones?! Hope you had a great weekend time with your dearest !! I menage to make only few shoots in my spare time between one dinner and another at my home! 

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FUN at the AIR RACE in my JAY'S and 2.55

H&M hoodie-skinny jeans / VANS sunglasses / BRAIL watch / NIKE AIR JORDAN sneaker

Good morning folks, while I'm waking up lazily and start preparing to go watch the finale of red bull air race I'm leaving you with pics I shoot yesterday, having fun with friends while watching red bull air race, all cozy in my jay's and with a classy 2.55 bag over my shoulder, cut out shirt and hoodie! xx 

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Red Bull Air Race Ready

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ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE DETAIL when it comes to dressing is the bottom of the jeans, I just love the ZIPPER detailing at ankles, love them in every possible way, but most of all when the zippers are slouchily unziped to showing a bit of skin and a nice pair of shoes underneath. I already wore many simillar outfits like this one here, but I'm probably loving the most this mix with grey wash moto jeans and sexy lace up heels.

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It's officially SPRING!! For my first OUTFIT this spring all I wanted is to bring freshness in my wardrobe by wearing pure and sleek components and mix them with the casual goodies.  A Good pair of classic blue wash jeans was my choice with bare ankles peeking out from this cropped model. It was easy to bring monochrome and simplicity having this Zara blazer, the minimal cut and pure look is what you get with a white blazer, underneath I wore just a  tank top from Isabel Marant with a layer of tiny silver necklace and a solid choker! Bare ankles are hot for spring but it gets even hotter when you have a majestic pair of shoe on your feet to show off, I love how my Alexander Wang ankle booties work with cropped jeans, they are super minimal yet very modern although they are out of date, I got them few years ago, but WANG was always one step forward I guess!!!!

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