LEFT- Anthony Vaccarello runway show/ RIGHT Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet in red leather 

 There's one color that's been following me lately- It's RED-The color of passion!  From fruit to drinks and inspirational photos found online this week it was all  in RED! Thought I don't wear colors often this is the only color I love to mix, it looks good even with all black! Here are some inspirational  pics with RED COLORS in the leading role, from my weekend and inspirations I found online.

 THE COCA COLA CAN - First, this is my favorite drink, second- the design of this can is simply iconic.
RED LEATHER- When I want to brake the rules (my rules of dressing)  I usually go for red leather, this color especially in leather materials is probably the only bright color that looks minimal yet rebel! Above is the picture of Anthony Vaccarello runway show.
STRAWBERRIES -  my favorite fruit of all, and since yesterday was the first day of spring I needed to eat my first strawberries this year

RED SWEATER Love this NOTION 3.1 sweater, the print and the retro design and color is super amazing!
RED LIPS - I love so much this photo, probably because I'm such a fan of lips, there's nothing sexier then women's lips, Lately I've been thinking to frame this picture (or one similar)and put is right above my desk, I just love paintings and photos of lips!! 
CDC- Although I already own a cdc bracelet I wouldn't mind to enlarge my collection with this red beauty. Looks marvelous, even more on tan skin!