dr.martens boots/ zara leather pants / vans sunglasses / vintage black cape / zara men croc handbag / THE AWESOME $7 asymmetric dress from sammydress 

BRINGING THE RAD MOOD ON AND THE BORING ONE OFF ... Break the rules, wear something unusual, something crazy, mix messy with super polished, something old with something new, it's like I was guided by this words for this outfit and for my style in general lately. When you're going through tons of  different fashion daily and your so into that  it can affect your style which can grow and eventually change. For me, there were many items I thought I would never wear, these Dr. Martens were one of them until one day a little girl walked in front of me, she had long blonde hair a big smile on her face and a rad outfit with leather pants and Dr.Martens boots on her feet, the red ones!  Looking at her I saw myself many years back when my mum used to dress me, she brought me a pair of red Dr.Martens boots when I was 5 in a short time they became my favorite pair of shoes ever!! Seeing that girl with the favorite shoes of my childhood I asked myself why I don't own a pair?!! The next day I went to try them out and surprisingly I found my match, while leaving the store happily with my new boots I also found these awesome sunnies with colored mirror lenses from Vans, had to buy them too ;) As I already said the leading idea for this outfit was RAD,  I add layers of black with a vintage draped jacket and the new asymmetric dress that I got from SAMMYDRESS (which I wore as a long top) it is really  one of my favorite pieces lately, it super cheap- just 7 dollars - it's super versatile, minimal, easy and at the same time cool!