Like every week I can avoid my WEB cruising in the search of  new inspiration / clothes / products / great new stories everything that would possibly satisfy my everlasting search of  good things,  I wanted to share it with you,  maybe it will be inspiration for you too.. Here are this week hottest stuff!


I keep hearing this name again and again, from the magazines from the beauty sites from the celebrities when they are asked which is their favorite scent the name is always the same JO MALONE,  WHY? From my detailed google search I would say JO MALONE scents are special because they have the mix of different very pleasant scents, the world of luxury inspired by the British culture in a bottle which they create with the help of renowned world master perfumers. Available online at SELFRIDGES  


I just discovered this amazing Australian footwear brand became world known for the most magnificent shoes! Why I think you should click right now here and check the brand's site? Because all the shoes labeled TONY BIANCO  have that basic mark that never goes out of a trend but at the same time a very  modern design, and the variety and selection of styles is unbelievable!! HERE ARE THE BEST MODELS 
 First position goes to the ALEX PERRY FOR TONY BIANCO MODEL called ARIETTE!  This is a made to order  thigh high lace-up stiletto boot, dazzling, innovative, never seen !! 

The second most stunning shoe is the ASHLIE model, a cut out boot in a variety of materials and colors!

The third most amazing shoe I have already on my wish list is AVANTI, classic but stunning, high heel, open toe, lace-up boot in 4 amazing colors but the beige and green are the best!

LEOLA is the classic of the classics, high heel pointed toe, so so sexy and sleek!!

THE LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST is this awesome piece with whom you can beautify even the most simple heel!! 


Hmm, I know the modern world does not approve the false tanned look any more, conscious about the risks of sunbathing and what the sun rays may cause to us the pale skin look became more popular than the tan skin. But does it look good? NO WAY. I love just a medium tan,  the legs looks much prettier and as well the face. So, why not spray just a small amount of fake tan when you need it, where you need it, on the legs when you wear a pretty dress and sandals or for a piece with a v-neck! I found 3 great products on SELFRIGES.COM ! If you have any advice on a good spray tan just leave me some advices in the comments below!


NOW, what can we buy today for 15$ ? Almost nothing, this brand amazed me with the variety of styles, frames and colors at the price of 15 dollars!! amazing! CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR AWESOME SITE


I found this online shop a while ago, in the early beginnings the site was offering just few amazing heels, today you can find almost every style you're craving (we are all craving) right now,  and nice prices as well! FEW FAVORITES? cut out balenciaga alike booties, spiked ankle boots, knee high gladiator sandals


This week I was cruising every night on one teaspoon's sale ! This label got the most amazing rock and roll infused clothes, love they're shorts, and rock chic dresses! Few sale favs- bandit shorts, silk cut-out dress,  and the amazing skinny jeans model called pistols