balmain inspired look at home

WELL WELL GOOD MORNING!! IT  IS SURELY LIKE A WAKING-UP  FOR ME! I was sick for 4 days, and this is like a slow come back to the normal busy world for me. Sick and very tired with a flu at home I haven't many options but I had a strong desire to do something! Sitting home doing nothing else then resting, drinking tea and watching films (house of versace was very good) was very unusual for me and at the same time very inspirational, as I had days and nights free of anything I did a little DIY that I planned for months. I made my awesome leather pants even hotter adding gold zippers to them, finally I have the leather jeans of my dreams. Even my flu isn't all gone yet (and you can tell) I had to take at least few pics with the new jeans, I wanted to recreate so much the whole Balmain look so I matched the "new" leather pants with a button up blue shirt which have strong shoulders and the strong attire and recalls the balmain style even more


  1. WOW, that sure looks balmain'ish! Love those pants!



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  2. I just love the rock and roll look of this outfit!

  3. Hope you'll get well soon.
    You rock the leather leggings =)

  4. This look is very very very wonderfull!!! I love so much your leather pants! Do you want to see my last post?
    Leather pants by MSGM