For the whole year I dress minimal, choosing always between black basics, beige, white to grey, but when it comes Christmas time I just can't get over glitter, chic festive looks, bow ties, dresses, pointed heels, blazers.
I got crazy last few days with my nails, here's few styles how to make your nails ready for holiday celebrations. I like to keep it basic for the base coat with nude  or black then I use a top coat with glitters and feathers. Between silver and multi- color glitters!

And as for the make up the good base is everything, so I always start by applying the foundation. I get the best results by mixing various liquid foundations with different texture, I like to mix Vichy Dermablend corrective foundation which is also my everyday foundation and has the highest coverage without creating that afull mask effect than I put also a bit of chanel mat lumiere which unlike the creamy Vichy has a mat effect, by blending those two I get the best results! With the Ilamasqua rich liquid foundation and YSL touche eclat concealer I like to make just few re-touches. The Illamasqua rich foundation has a really dense texture so I always blend it nicely while the ysl conce aler is made to put casually with no need for blending. I use these two just to correct and conceal my problem areas such as the dark circles under my eyes and  imperfections on my cheekbones! The last step of my make-up routine is to finish by applying a powder or mineral foundation with a big fluffy brush which connect all in one flawless texture. The base is all and with a perfect skin I don't need anything else but for the holidays I put just a tiny line of black eyeliner really close to the eyelashes then with a flat  angled shading brush I make just few quick movements with a black eyeshadow,  the last trick to fill the holiday make-up is to apply a glitter eyeliner above the thin line of black in a wider and lavisher line. 


  1. The silver eye shadow is super cute!

  2. Awesome nails, great job ! :-)
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