Zara leather skirt- boots-mesh top/ hermes cdc bracelet/ Celine sunglasses/ 

Soft leather with a glossy finish, embellished with just one detail - industrial zippers,  it is in the nature of the opposites that can create a remarkable symphony together, matching each other in the difference. This glossy leather skirt with zippers was my instant love, I bought it without even  trying it, just a look was more than enough to recognize the many styles this skirt can fit in. You know that feeling when you find pieces you're sure would fit so fine, that was exactly one of them.. Here's how I wore my new skirt for the first time, with a mesh top, long beige vest and over the knee boots, One more thing I love about this skirt  is that you can wear it many ways, normally the zippers are designed to be on the hips but you can also open them up and  fold the upper side for a different look, you can wear it upside down which I'm planning to do soon, with the upper zippers on the bottom,  or like I wore it here turn one zipper at the front and one behind!