Few weeks back I was in Bologna, I was there only for one day so obviously my goal was to see as much as possible. First I checked on the internet searching which are the hottest spots in Bologna, nothing matched my search, so I though it would be nice to do a "must visit" list  myself, so if you get the chance to visit the city you'll don't need to search great places on your own. As for my outfit, I like to stay as comfortable as possible when I'm traveling and exploring new cities but still I love to have that touch of style so I was wearing a basic long sleeve shirt with a leather sleeves vest over, carrying a large bag as always when I'm traveling to fit my camera, phone and extra jacket.

1.GALLERIA CAVOUR- offers great shopping if you're looking for labeled gems.
Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Prada, Louis Vouitton, Gucci, Fendi, Tiffany, Bottega Venetta that are all placed inside the historic walls of this gallery. If you exit Galleria Cavour you can find just around the corner the Hermes store and Zadig et Voltaire which was not opened when I was there but will be opened soon, and  if you are a lover of the nordic contemporary style Cos in the building opposite.
2. PIAZZA CAVOUR-  Located for about 1 minute of walk from Galeria Cavour you can find a very interesting multi-brand store called FOLLI FOLLIE. It's the ultimate contemporary store carrying many different brands such as Jimmy Choo, Acne, Stella McCartney, Celine, Balmain. Carrying both men and women selection with one step ahead styles. I found this store amazing, they have so many different styles, if you want chic there is Jimmy Choo or Valentino, for something different there's Pierre Hardy or the minimalism of Celine, the modern twist of Isabel Marant or Balenciaga and Proenza, something sporty chic like Golden Goose, Stella McCartney for Adidas, Kenzo. Perfect denim from Jbrand! Simply every style you wish they will have!
3.From Piazza Cavour few minutes of walk away you can find Zanarini While we were walking along the via del Archiginnasio we were surprised by glittery pink window decorations looking better on the windows we figured out the decoration actually were cakes in a form of chanel bags, pumpkins and pianos. We entered the bar and the place was literally crowded, this is one of the most important and elegant bars which were established 1928. People came here to see and be seen and eat delish cakes!
4. In the same street VIA DEL ARCHIGINNASIO few steps away from Zanarini bar we found a great BOOKSTORE! This bookstore have anything you can might be interasted in. Hobbies, culture, music, art, fashion, best selection of books and manuals ever. I loved the part with the books of the most iconic fashion houses and various books concerning decades of music. Music legends biographies rock to punk and classics. Just around the corner was also a interesting newsstand. There are more then few magazines which are hard to find,  this Vogue newsstand carried simply a heaven of magazines!
4.PIAZZA MAGGIORE - Like all the turists do, we had to go to the main piazza! First of all you should try the CITY TOUR BUS which takes you all across Bologna, I suggest to do it as you came in the city so you'll know better where do you want to go exploring. Than you can climb on the top of the Basilica San Petronio for a magnificent city view.
5. VIA RIZZOLI - If you want to buy a cute gift, best home decorations and small home furniture there is Zara home and Maison du Monde which! At the end of Via Rizzoli you can find Bologna's most notable and ancient towers- Torre Asinelli and Torre Garisenda.
6.VIA DEGLI OREFICI- It's clearly the coolest street full of happiness, were you can find so many bars were you can drink a coffee and also have your Italian lunch. Many ice cream shops and delicious cake shops and not to mention I adored the street artists!


  1. Bologna looks amazing! I really love the top you are wearing with the leather sleeves. Looks really cool