If you follow me on facebook or instagram you're surely familiar with this two pieces. This winter I'm searching my outerwear to be made from cozy wool materials, soft beige and camel colors, I would love to find a cape that reminds of a warm robe you wear while you're relaxing at your home, I would just love to get that vibe, relaxed yet chic, an outerwear to throw on any outfit in any color. I came along with this two pieces. First is the short coat from COS in a soft fabric and a light beige tone, I loved the high collar and asymmetrical zipper but there was one thing I didn't liked, when the zipper is open up the coat loses all that modern yet vintage glam and turn to look more sloppy and grandma style instead, but I'm still reconsider it, maybe it would look much better with a modern leather jeans on. The second piece from ZARA was almost like I have designed in my head my perfect coat should look like, the wrapped style that recalls a simple home bathrobe with a large belt on the waist and a modern hood a soft beige tone and short hairy texture but here we go again, my critic eye found something wrong and this time it was the size! They had it only in a large or xxl size and as this style of a coat is already made to fit looser and larger I noticed the L size didn't reach my idea, but still it was almost what I wanted. Help me out, what do you think about?

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Normally I like to dress up all in power black, all white, cream shades and really good basic pieces, but from time to time I like to embellish casual outfits with details out of the norm, out of my standards, seems almost predictable to pair all basic pieces so I like to make the difference with a phone case, strange sunglasses and few details. When I was shopping at h&m for the Isabel Marant collection I took a tour of the store and this CAT EARS in chic black lace completely stole my attention, I wanted to have them instantly, so cute, different, out of my norm girly but still chic they are from the new h&m holiday collection, covered in chic lace they would be perfect to create a fun festive look!

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Few weeks back I was in Bologna, I was there only for one day so obviously my goal was to see as much as possible. First I checked on the internet searching which are the hottest spots in Bologna, nothing matched my search, so I though it would be nice to do a "must visit" list  myself, so if you get the chance to visit the city you'll don't need to search great places on your own. As for my outfit, I like to stay as comfortable as possible when I'm traveling and exploring new cities but still I love to have that touch of style so I was wearing a basic long sleeve shirt with a leather sleeves vest over, carrying a large bag as always when I'm traveling to fit my camera, phone and extra jacket.

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 It's almost that time of the year, when we all like receiving gifts but also giving gifts to our beloved ones. Since these last few days my site recorded numerous kicks I tough I need to thank you and what better way than giving a hot tote to one of you. I'm giving to one of you a true best seller bag from zara!  Seriously this design was so hot that I've seen many brands trying to make a copy but only one is real!
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Unusual look, loose fit, effortless yet easy going, designed to fit widely and create a perfect power look making contrast the rest of the outfit. These are just few adjectives which I would use to describe why I just love the design of this fold over boots. I find them too hot not to take few shoots in a unusual way. 

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You already saw what I got from the most expected collection of the year, here's what I wore that day, at the bottom some very comfortable denim in a light wash making contrast on the all black rest, fold over boots, at the top a mesh knit with leather sleeves vest and a hooded vest above all!  Just arrived in Zagreb I went to the h&m store first, bought few things and instantly got out of the madness there, grab a coffee in the city center, a walk around here and there, then had our lunch at the shopping mall where we shot few pics by the way, got to our appartment get prepared and dressed up to go check what's like the night out in Zagreb.

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I spent two amazing days in the capital of my state-  Zagreb, first day I went directly to the h&m store to pick up one or two things from the most expected collab- the one Isabel Marant designed for the Swedish mega brand H&M! My humble opinion about the collection- we already seen all of this few seasons ago. Frankly this collection is meaningless to the usual Marant buyers. The boots from the collection was a must have seasons ago but Marant moved on by creating marvelous brand new pieces to impress her loyal customers. For h&m all she did is designed already seen pieces and the megabrand reduced her normal prices to make ISABEL MARANT available to everyone! I wasn't expect I will see the boots from her present collection or something new but I mean this is not like Margiela did last year by re-creating the famous jacket from 10 years ago, she re-created something we seen 3 years ago, the design that we just got bored with and here it is yet again in a worse edition. I expected at least she will recreate the wedge boots which are still hot! I need to specify I am a big big fan of her design but maybe this collection didn't impress me much just because I follow all of her work or because I love or a modern brand new design or something so old, almost vintage.. However I got 2 pieces which I know I can't go wrong with: the metal belt and the tank top which I will wear in everyday basis..

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THE TIGHT - over knee BOOTS

The TIGHT over knee boots are BACK! 4 years ago they were my favorite footwear, somehow I forgot how good they fit and how great they look with all black combinations, with all white, skirts or skinny jeans, especially great to wear with layered outfits.. They are the perfect piece for days you're not feeling good wearing  flats and sneakers but you don't want to glam it up with stilettos nether you just want to catch that different STYLE.  That's the ultimate unusual piece with the effortless look.

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This is one of the most simple outfit of all outfits yet rarely seen.. 2 SHIRTS, one basic men T-shirt in grey over and one with long sleeves underneath. Love the mix of this duo, apparently basic but still strong. I've worn my 2 SHIRTS COMBO with leather jeans and sneakers, Margiela cuff and a detail stolen once again from mens selection - the toiletry bag that I converted into a daily "necessities bag"for days you carry just a phone, some cash and keys with you..

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Catch up a good pair of levis from the Seventies became a statement.. What? well, few years back this cool CLASSIC were ready to be thrown right in the garbage bag by my mum,  I was called insane to pull them out and actually wear them.. well, well, well, look up right now, who had right.. I love to make clothes supplies especially when we're talking about classics, I always collect them all in special boxes, maybe it will be great for a DIY someday, or would perfectly  match with some of my new clothes.. That was the case with these levis. I pull them out and they perfectly match with my new monotony breakers= pink miu miu glitter cut eye sunglasses and adidas sneakers in pale pink, a large bag, leather jacket and with a classic gentleman's hat.. They suit better with high heels especially with sandals but since I went to a road trip I decide to go for a casual and comfortable option.

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Got a new toy to match with all of my gold-black army of MONOCHROMATIC combinations.. It's looking lethal and you can wear like a knuckle ring (weapons used in hand to hand combat)  but actually well, MR.JACOBS decided to make a iphone case out of it! 

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