THE NEW JEANS - chunky big zippers, strong details, looser fit at the bottom and skinny at the top, here are 6 pairs which I find  very interesting but still none of them has it all. The first pair is from love the buckle up details with zippers at the bottom but the top is a bit slouchy which I know doesn't fit me at all. The second pair are from 3.1 Phillip Lim  perfect details, perfect fit- though they're skinny the bottom falls down and partly covers the shoe, something I crave for long but still the price is a bit expensive. Then there are the amazing leather pants from H&M Paris collection which are like impossible to find and I think they could make that high waist a bit shorter. The ones from Gina Tricot  are good but way too usual. The last are from Anine Bing chunky zippers, nice wash but I really would like the bottom like from those Phillip Lim ones above.. So what do you think what I should go for?