The black sheer material swings up and down carried by the light wind, it looks like a scene of a hot spring afternoon fun, but actually it's almost fall and I couldn't be happier the weather allowed me to pull the transparent skirt my mum give me as a birthday gift.. These maxi sheer skirt is not the most classic staple you can have in your wardrobe, but at the same time is so much fun with these piece. It has a specific very versatile way to match and mismatch it, can look very gypsy with certain layers of accessories (which is not what I like the most) but just to list the options, then it can look cozy for autumn layering outfits with a knitted sweater over, or you can rock n roll the most romantic looking piece with biker boots+leather jacket, make it trendy with a maxi bag carried effortlessly in your arms, than you can go for a romantic option which suits really well to this style of skirts and opt for beige nude tones with a glimpse of powder rose will make a statement especially with this style of skirt in black to mismatch the colors of the perfectly matching styles. I let my mood decide for me and go for biker boots, a large bag and few silver accessories but I'm looking forward to wear it with cute beige and rose pieces.