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Lately I'm looking for inspirational ideas for my home, to make it more cozy. The place where you live should reflect your style, your hobbies and loves, the place where you feel the most comfortable, inspired to do things and feel happy and this can change from person to person, it should be personalized for you. One more thing that's important for me is to to think about the place I spent most of my free time and make this place organized for things I do in this space!  For example, I spent most of my time in front of my computer so I think it will be the place arranged the best with the shelves for magazines which I read a lot, books, gadgets and with a mood board to collect all my latest style crushes and more..  Than the second space which I will fix up is my bedroom. I buy so many clothes that sometimes I feel like I don't know what I have in my wardrobe when is not organized well, so I will make customized shelves (which are the best and the cheapest option) and I will make each for one wardrobe garnament! One only for shoes, few smaller boxes for jewellery! Then I'll put some furry white  rugs around the bed, when I get up early to feel cozy stepping into the soft white material, ready for the day ahead! And my interior should be all white minimal embellished with few soft tones of beige and pink. I had wood in a honey shade all around my home so I already paint it all in white. Wood dyed in white is so soft and minimal that I felt I need few hotter tones so I dyed all my doors in a pretty pale pink almost cotton candy color! I will make a post with a new rearranged home the soon as I will  finish with all the work in there to see if I succeed in my intention!