CURRENTLY I'm loving to mix my unusual color pieces with the usual ones in this case the unusual color is glittery pink the color I never thought I would wear neither love but it happens. It all happened after I bought these sunglasses, the iconic cat eyes from miu miu with a lovely glitter frame, they were unusual especially for my all black and white world but somehow I saw the potential in them, I know if I style them with kickass pieces in black or white they would look completely different, and yes I was right! After them I spotted more and more pink and pale pink pieces which I loved and brought more pink in my wardrobe! And now I'm sawing pink everywhere from Zara to h&m, asos to net a porter, PINK might be the biggest color trend for fall. And surprisingly  I love it! Recently I wore my pink pieces with croc leather details- bag from zara and a cute hat from piazza italia with a leather jacket with quilted details


  1. i love this set of pictures
    you look beautiful


    Coline ♡

  2. Lovely pictures, inspiring! ♥ XOXO

  3. Ove naocare su bukvalno stvorene za tebe! Svidja mi se crno/belo sa ponekim roze detaljem x