Marc by Marc Jacobs boxer iphone case / Adidas pink sneakers / Miu Miu pink gliter cut eye sunnies/ Sephora make up bag / Kiko make up Milano goodies

 After a very very stressful period someone might choose join yoga class while others just need to go for a crazy shopping treat!! Also called - RETAIL THERAPY!! A therapy without a real therapy and with no money left in your pockets and cards- Ok, It wasn't that far ! My shopping treat after a hectic period isn't always the cleverest, often led by my bad mood and want to cheer myself up so frequently I buy sh.. things I'll never wear..My latest retail therapy buys- Marc by Marc Jacobs boxer case, then a cute transparent make up box to care all my makeup in from sephora, and than all that pink- pink miu miu sunglasses, pale pink adidas sneakers, pink random iphone cases and a galore of Italian magazines, Have to precise that I was never a big fan of pink but somehow it seemed so good to buy lately that I couldn't help, I will wear it with a leather all black combo or with all white!


  1. i love your iPhone case!


    Coline ♡

  2. I don't think you'll regret buying these items, I'm in love with the clear make-up box! x

  3. The shoes are so cute! I also love the watch.