As A BIG TECHNOLOGY "ADDICT"  I like to keep in track with all the news out there about  smartphones, gadgets, cameras, almost all tech that can make my life funnier and sometimes even easier. I like to have all the informations and news,  useful or not right in a palm of my hand and it's also important for me to have gadgets and smartphones able to share all the things I want to share with the world in a easier and best way possible. I think tech and style are like hand in glove, especially these days when social media, blogs and sites are our number 1 source to keep on track with  everything we want to know, need to know, like to know, no matter where we are. So, smartphones, cameras, laptops computers and tablets, gadgets we all have, started to take a fashionable side, after all we're in the middle of the geek and social media era and the market started to make anything possible to satisfy the customers demand, so today you can easily find a kick ass case for your phone, you want your phone to look like a weapon? Ok, there's a knuckle case, you want to carry it as a bag, no probs, here comes MOSCHINO with there case that just hit net a porter, there's also a mug case, or if you need to be able to make a sketch wherever you are here comes a case with a drawing board on the back side of your phone.. so read more if you want to find out the coolest cases right now!!  

Marc by Marc Jacobs metallic knuckle ring case // Silver and Black knuckle ring cases how cool are these? available in different colors
Siri iphone case and stand  / Whale lee iphone case  // Iphone mug case / Iphone etch a skatch case