Karen Walker Forever Collection!! Beside her funny and playful campaigns, this time with the cutest and coolest kids modeling, her glasses are like a piece of art, always very interesting, innovative, dramatic and very different from a bunch of others, like if you give me 10 glasses I will surely recognize her design! So, as a big SUNGLASSES MANIAC and almost A COLLECTOR I needed to show you the best models from this collection! First this season hottest type- round frames called Peek-a-boo in black or white with metal& plastic inserts and blue lenses and the other model called siouxie cut eye frames, in classic black with details at the top but they also came in a more edgy version with gold metal details. From all the accessories out there I'm always craving a good pair of sunglasses, even more than bags or a pair of shoes, because they can really made the whole look, even if you dressed up normal adding a pair of good frames you'll embellish it!