CELINE-sunglasses / no brand, old mini / VINTAGE-belt / MICHAEL KORS- watch / ZARA mesh top

Despite the fact I'M NOT in a good relationship with skirts I try hard to pull off that kind of style! Mini skirts are just the trickiest piece, if not styled right can end up looking vulgar... Also my negative thinking about them can literally be reflected on how I wear this piece, frequently ending up looking a bit disoriented, from time to time I like to shake up things a little and work styles I'm skeptical about. This is the mini skirt I got myself  years ago deeply cached by it's color, I'm ALWAYS loving all the colors from the natural palette, the army design with multi pockets are also so nice. While putting up my new white mesh top with gladiators, vintage belt in a cognac brown color and my favorite sunglasses I couldn't find a better piece which will match the earth-shades!

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Karen Walker Forever Collection!! Beside her funny and playful campaigns, this time with the cutest and coolest kids modeling, her glasses are like a piece of art, always very interesting, innovative, dramatic and very different from a bunch of others, like if you give me 10 glasses I will surely recognize her design! So, as a big SUNGLASSES MANIAC and almost A COLLECTOR I needed to show you the best models from this collection! First this season hottest type- round frames called Peek-a-boo in black or white with metal& plastic inserts and blue lenses and the other model called siouxie cut eye frames, in classic black with details at the top but they also came in a more edgy version with gold metal details. From all the accessories out there I'm always craving a good pair of sunglasses, even more than bags or a pair of shoes, because they can really made the whole look, even if you dressed up normal adding a pair of good frames you'll embellish it!

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WHITE cotton top, white skort and white kicks, it feels like a cozy white COTTON CANDY! Love the simple tank in cozy cotton material, the signature look of the skort and the simplicity of it all matched together with just two details turning OFF the whites, the boston bag in a red wine leather and 
beige sunglasses!

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Here's another round of my CRAVINGS!! A little bit of some stylish TECH accessories to pimp my phone-  MOSCHINO & MARC JACOBS and the most awesome case out there KNUCKLE DUSTER CASE
then an inevitable thing for me SUNGLASSES- I really like the WILDFOX Bel Air ones + the iconic Miu Miu ones+ the ones from The Row and Linda Forrow! Balenciaga DERBY kicks and Nike blazers. THE BAGS? here are two special ones. The first is from Viviane Westwood and the other is from &OTHER STORIES. Then the most amazing CALIFORNIAN STYLE- Beach Riot swimwear and shorts from One teaspoon, NEED TO UPDATE MY WARDROBE WITH ALL THIS PIECES!! What's your favorite?!

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HELLO WORLD, So yesterday was a BIG day, I will remind you if you don't know what I'm talking about!
It was the 13th,  the year (obviously with a 13) 2013 and it was also my BIRTHDAY, my 23rd birthday exactly and here it comes again the numbers that kept follow me from my earliest memories, Magic! It's was all about 13 or 3 all the way around me since I was a kid, this year more than ever since we're in a year that's also with the number 13! And I was thinking this must be a good year for me, not at all!
So yesterday I was showered with the most amazing  gifts and biggest love of all my closest people, I'm blessed for that, but in the middle of my birthday dinner I accidentally kicked myself when I was holding my iphone in my hands, it happened in a second and I didn't realize immediately what was wrong but I was just feeling something is wrong and when I looked at my hand I saw half of my teeth in my hand!! WORST birthday ever! So, here's how my teeth look like now and few pics from what I was wearing!!

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I have a specific SUMMER WISHLIST every summer, this summer right at the top stands the piece from the awesome collection I wanted to introduce you with just in case you missed it. The FAB collab between two California based brands- STONE COLD FOX and BEACH RIOT. What I like about it  (you will agree) is that you can realy feel the TRUE CALIFORNIAN vibe and a stamp of the US and for a EUROPEAN girl like me this is something NEEDED to  break the monotone esepcially when it comes in the collest crazy tropic green plant print, the design is also to apreciate: cool layed back, crazy and inovative very modern cut which is always a great thing! You can find it here here and here or at their official website

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