SERIOUSLY, I wasn't planing to get copycats of the famous ALAIA!  I just went to check the SALES at ZARA and when something is meant to be, it just happens. I said my famous sentence I always say to my boyfriend before heading in the store "I'm not planning to buy that much"! Yep, right, ended up with three full bags. First, conscious that I've already crossed the limit when I found three silk shirts, one mesh off white top, leather shorts and a matching peplum top plus a hoodie.. what happened? These GLADS VERY ALAIA SOPHISTICATED blinded me with they're BLACK LIGHT from the other side of the store, I grab them (last pair) and headed right away to the fitting room, beside me two girls were trying the same babies and I hear them chatting how happy they are to have finally found them since they are almost sold out, Oh really? I declared all by myself. One look in the mirror and I enthusiastically saw this was it. And here they are on my HAPPY FEET! First I love the bondage influence they exude, sleek, minimal and sophisticated! VERY EDITOR CHIC in my opinion! 


  1. elles sont parfaites ces chaussures :)


    Coline ♡

  2. Meni se iskreno ova verzija vise svidja! I odlicno ti stoje. Fotografije su jako zanimljive! xx

  3. sta mislite