Sheer black pareo / Lace skort / Gladiators - all no brand, random cute small boutique finds  / Vans sunglasses / Alexander Wang "Alpha" tote

ADDICTED TO POWERFUL BLACK PIECES even if it's hotter than in hell! This is what I usually combine for my bound at the beach for a coffee date or pretty much for everything else!
The bag is already a classic stamp of my wardrobe favorites, as you can see I carry it even at the beach, glads are my old old buddies which I took out thinking how great they go with sheer and lace. And the last pieces are my latest treasure no brand finds, Lace SKORT- (oh yes it's a skort) which my mum bought for me in a cute small shop in my city, the sheer thing wrapped around my neck and backless is actually a pareo, a pretty nice catch from a supermarket;)

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Diesel mens t-shirt / Ray Ban clubmaster / Zara gladiator heels / h&m mens hoodie

My latest post featured my beach essentials, today I'm showing you the outfit that's pretty much the magic formula for my SUMMER style! XXL t-shirt! Sometimes is a basic mens tee, sometimes a sport tee, but generally I'm always in a xxl tee with shorts underneath, combined with pretty flats, kicks or as in this case heels, today I'm wearing the best gift from my boyfriend - the pretiest t-shirt in my wardrobe with Albert Einstein ! CATCHY!!

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Chanel 2.55 bag / Michael Kors oversized watch / Celine sunglasses / pink bikini from a random shop

Excusez moi for the absence girls and boys and pardon my french, it isn't perfect like I badly want it to be OH, neither is my English, but I'm trying hard  lol.
What are you wearing for the hot season? Cute bikinis are always a good thing, matched with sunnies and different accessories. I'm loving to channel and dive into different styles for the beach. Today I'm showing you my inner BARBIE girl moment, SURFER CHIC and one BEACH style that is truly my inner style. Can you guess which one of these three is?  

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I'm sharing my life daily as the most of you are with the most amazing and popular app out there- INSTAGRAM! And what I like about it is that just a glance through your profile can show to others who you really are and what are you doing, your hobbies and passions all through photos captured to all the good things that surround us! And I like to transmit this daily vibe on my blog too so here's my latest instagram feed with pics of my outfits, new buys, crazy little things and so on!

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SERIOUSLY, I wasn't planing to get copycats of the famous ALAIA!  I just went to check the SALES at ZARA and when something is meant to be, it just happens. I said my famous sentence I always say to my boyfriend before heading in the store "I'm not planning to buy that much"! Yep, right, ended up with three full bags. First, conscious that I've already crossed the limit when I found three silk shirts, one mesh off white top, leather shorts and a matching peplum top plus a hoodie.. what happened? These GLADS VERY ALAIA SOPHISTICATED blinded me with they're BLACK LIGHT from the other side of the store, I grab them (last pair) and headed right away to the fitting room, beside me two girls were trying the same babies and I hear them chatting how happy they are to have finally found them since they are almost sold out, Oh really? I declared all by myself. One look in the mirror and I enthusiastically saw this was it. And here they are on my HAPPY FEET! First I love the bondage influence they exude, sleek, minimal and sophisticated! VERY EDITOR CHIC in my opinion! 

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Sunglasses: Celine /  Sneakers: Aldo / Shorts: Bershka / Tank: random men's t-shirt shop/ wallet: Marc by Marc Jacobs

This is surely not one of those outfits who will catch your eye or take your breath away it is a super common outfit which is a typical style you'll see in the streets of my city during the summer period, girls like to dress in shorts with just a tank and cool kicks, so this was my point, show you my everyday outfit for frenetic and hot days with my favorite denim shorts white kicks from Aldo and a tank with a pin up girl print in the front which stole my heart  the exact time I saw it in a cool men's t-shirt shop!

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T by Alexander Wang tank / Adidas hi tops / Celine phantom in white croc / Bullhead shorts / Miu Miu glitter sunnies in pink / Hermes cdc in white with gold details

From bright pink to the more darker shade of pink, from blue to green, when I think about summer 2013 I instantly think about a fun bubblegum color palette which I would gladly see on a lux bag like the one from Vivianne Westwood or crazy sunnies like the glitter ones from Miu Miu, Shortly you can guess what I would love to wear this summer. I made a summary for you with the best pieces in Bubblegum colors, and how would I (dark and natural color lover) mix up some color- just in case you want to look like a sweet bubblegum, like I want!

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 h&m men- hoody / sunglasses-Celine / drop crotch pants- Met / ear cuff- Asos / boots- Zara / watch- Michael Kors /  

It just happen, the weather forced me to take off my shorts and wear warmer clothes instead! Don't get me wrong,  but THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS WAITING! I love summer storms, when suddenly the rain refreshes the air and you start feel that pleasant breeze, this is also my favorite type of weather to get dressed, when the weather is like this I love to mix it up, with something warm and comfortable and something sorta typical summer-ish! Let's say I adore to dress "season inappropriate!!  This time I pull off my men's hoodie with drop crotch pants in off white and biker boots,  and went to the best  "summer" location which is spreading the summer feeling more than anything, a pink floral bush next to the beach near my home.. love it.

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Zara boots 2010 / dress sugarlips / tank top sisley / old army belt / ray ban wayfarer /

I love playing with shapes on clothes! Something rolled, something long something short, than I also like the game of opposites, throwing around some skinny pieces with something over sized! The shape of this year? Ruffles! the mania started when Mr. Alexander Wang created them for Balenciaga, right after everybody felt in love with ruffles! Searching through my pc I found my outfit from last summer with the pretty dress I got by Sugarlips pulled off like a skirt with a tank top over. I got the best ruffle effect without having real ruffles on my skirt (actually dress). Worn with the thigh-high boots that I also rolled and so made them loose fitted.

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