I hate when it seems someone is playing a role of a photographer and a poser is trying to act like a real model!
 Artistic photos transmit things that a normal photo can't, with a thin line that makes the difference, that makes them special or a failure. Trust me I  try it, several times. That's the reason why you haven't seen them on my blog, even we're quite equipped: cameras, lenses and good skills to edit the photos, I was never satisfied enough to publish them here.  In my mind that kind of pictures should have that spirit, a point and a goal, so I prefer to publish raw photos concentrate to showing style without posing and making wannabe model faces. Specifying my opinion on it, I have to confess the last shoot we did had something in the air that made us try something different, so here it is, not saying these are perfect, they're far from that, but something did clicked! 

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Spring time, for me it's fun, happiness, nice hot weather, strolling around and having fun with a bunch of friends.
But mostly, for a big music lover like me, spring reminds me of open air music festivals, with the good vibes of a good song  always in my head. So, I tend to dress slightly like I'm going to one, boots with fringes, wayfarers, jeans and a crazy floppy hat, lets say I'm coachelling and my dressing is taking on some crazy boho side!

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Californian laid-back this is how would I explain these look. Vans slip ons in the main role, the typical Californian footwear inevitable for this season. Slip ons are the hottest piece of s-s 2013 and these is how I wear mine slip ons-  a high ponytail, rolled up leather pants, basic tank, at the top a zipper cardigan, with a gold watch, cut eye sunglasses and a large bag with chain on my shoulders

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 SPANX! Believe your eyes or not! Curious about the general opinion about the piece that these days every person TRYED the benefits but nobody admits it, I did a google search, googling the word SPANX- the result was that these SHAPEWEAR  needs to be hidden and in case it peek out like I learned by my google search- it's a general tragedy. It's like you admit you look great just because you took the advantage of this piece of magic ! Many images of Kim Kardashian and others who were captured wearing it underneath the dress for a red carpet look following by the words OMG going on with that's the secret for her good shape. So in general these exact peace of clothing followed by a very negative opinion is the piece I admire the great stretch material, the pale pink color and over the knee length I just saw the good sides of it! I immediately bought it no matter that's a piece of clothing that needs to be hidden, I just wanted to pair it with a white long blazer and heels with a very natural bright color palette and gold details. BTW. The seller also honored me with a suspicious head to toe look while I was paying, like it's some kind of prohibited stuff??

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