Days when your stylistic mind blow up and  obligate you inspire you to channel your inner rebel boy look, better say a twisted rebel boy look. Because a rebel boy would probably wear a suit with a sportive bottom but not exactly the one compose of harem pants and a well structured blazer, so twisted stands for that. In my mind doesn't sound crazy but somehow I don't see this type of looks not on a boy not even on a girl...Lets say I like to be the first to give it I try when it comes to style, so blame on that if you don't like it, I felt a symphony between this duo, nikes in this exact model are very alike skaters so they're perfect defy to the suit,  there's a certain "don't care" characteristic in them so they fulfill perfectly the strong and very "I do care" suit attitude which is for me the epitome of coolness!  between them stands Alexander Wang and Celine, the best company possible for this look, brands both brave enough to experiment various fields of style, Wang well known for playing with a strong rebel-twisted classicism and celine for the minimal yet sportive boldness. 

nike sneakers / vintage harem pants / Alexander Wang bag / Celine sunglasses / Bershka blazer /