If you know me you probably don't have to think twice to guess which are my favorite type of jeans. I'm the kind of person for skinny JEANS (for casual everyday outfits) or for the the opposite the wide leg for days when I just feel the need of that extra touch of style. Lately after owning skinnies in various styles and then experiment with flare and bell bottoms I was searching the NEW ones that will take the best from both styles, after months I found something and after I try them realize they have just what I was searching- skinny from the top to the mid calf with a not too dramatically still noticeable wider leg, wider just enough to cover the shoe and make that statement sloppy loose end that it's noticeable if you look on the side but it still keeps that normal touch in the front.. I did have marvelous bell bottoms which I still love wearing, but these, even they look like every simple bell bottom have something special maybe the trick stands on a bit longer bottom which makes a wrinkled heel coverage that makes the jeans look so cool.

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 My beloved very dirty, very used chucks, the footwear I used the most for the last 2 years. They were my beloved companion almost in every weather condition and occasion, today they almost fall apart and I thought they deserved one last post  before I'll find a new companion that will serve as they did- for every adventure I'll meet throughout  my way.

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When spring hits with good sunny weather we all tend to hit the stores in the search of our very favorite spring-summer items or pieces that for us represent spring best, the ones that aspire us with breezy flowing good vibes, I hit the stores and go my very typical way- ZARA for some WHITE FLOWING pieces. Found a great blazer which I though would be very useful in my almost all black wardrobe, despite black blazers which I already have in few styles these could be pretty with washed jeans, tank tops or with a wide unbuttoned or V-neck shirt, then a combination with leather too, so much styles could work with it and the other new purchase these slip-ons from Vans and the skort would be awesome in one look!

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Days when your stylistic mind blow up and  obligate you inspire you to channel your inner rebel boy look, better say a twisted rebel boy look. Because a rebel boy would probably wear a suit with a sportive bottom but not exactly the one compose of harem pants and a well structured blazer, so twisted stands for that. In my mind doesn't sound crazy but somehow I don't see this type of looks not on a boy not even on a girl...Lets say I like to be the first to give it I try when it comes to style, so blame on that if you don't like it, I felt a symphony between this duo, nikes in this exact model are very alike skaters so they're perfect defy to the suit,  there's a certain "don't care" characteristic in them so they fulfill perfectly the strong and very "I do care" suit attitude which is for me the epitome of coolness!  between them stands Alexander Wang and Celine, the best company possible for this look, brands both brave enough to experiment various fields of style, Wang well known for playing with a strong rebel-twisted classicism and celine for the minimal yet sportive boldness. 

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Yesterday, I first start with a make up treat all signed chanel, invited to try they're new products for spring summer I hardly resist to buy everything a chanel make up artist put on my face. She introduced me with they're new le volume mascara, the name says it all (see the results on the last photo) and the new les beiges compact powder which provides that healthy glow + perfect coverage within a beautifull sheer look. After they made me a wowzer dark make up I went  pick up my new watch signed MICHAEL KORS which I tried the day before, after months of searching lets say I found what I was searching, it's a bound of that girly goldish chic which Michael Kors is known for and in the same time something so strong and powerful in the style of his more expensive brother rolex!

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From time to time it's good to twist a little your everyday wear, try something different that isn't your typical GO TO style! That was my mood state yesterday when I decided to go for the midi length.  MIDI came famous after variation of skirts in a MIDLLE length- a perfect role inverter that doesn't have that gypsy look of a maxi skirt nor the sexiness of a mini but it is very recognizable as the most elegant length, I convinced myself it is right while wearing the midi length jeans. Though  jeans as a single piece are mostly a typical street piece and less an elegant piece in this length the maximum of it's elegance has been pulled out. I thought my first MIDI jeans brought in first place for it's very perfect designed upper would only work covered by some good boots but after convincing myself  changes deserve a try I got them a company of a barely there cotton tank, pointed heel, few layers of necklaces, my irreplaceable wayfarers with a leather jacket, after all it was worth to give it a try.

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