Enjoying on a beautiful sunny day with my pink bunny ears on, tones of deli food and good vibes, it's Easter after all and why don't pull off these pink playboy alike ears which I love so much, perfect pop of color and great with a black and white pic, so I let you with the two pics, have a nice day and those who will party tonight well  have a nice night!  KISSES

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Biker boots, skinny leather, denim shirt and fur with a fab hoodie, a matchy matchy game between the olive green-ish cut eye sunglasses and leather pants, followed by some heat of "I really do not care" style with the maybe too big washed denim shirt and some rap-erish influence coming up with a pulled up hoodie, and oh, god that big old ford pick up track found accidentally there, just suit IN the STYLE, like meant to be. 

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Essentials I always carry in my bag:
 1)Favorite sunnies from Celine- the perfect shape that serve for a great style touch when the sun is hitting hard or just in case you made it late last night to hide dark circles under your eyes, in the perfect beige tone that matches perfectly as with noir colors so with lighter tone white colors!
2)  htc one X 
3) mirror from chanel
4)protective hand cream
5)Bobbi Brown foundation nbr.4 6)Clinique all about eyes concealer 7) one of my very favorite scents- sicily

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 *SELFIES- A picture taken from an individual (of the same individual) while trying to make a fool,  preferably taken in front of the mirror to make it even more childish!!!
SO THAT'S MY SELFIES selected photo shoots in million versions of my daily outfits from yeti look alikes, biker-ish to whole leather attire and those more awful like pajama look of the day!

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Certain days, that you feel so right with just a messy hair pulled in a bun with your fav sunnies on, cozy stripes on a simple sweater, oversized "gym" bag and your favorite everyday booties! EFORTLESS 100 %
LOVE also the "new" basic colors, despite black and white there are so many basic shades of those more "complicated" colors like the lighter shade of green or grey perfect escape to black and white still so simple for everyday or mixed with something chic like a leather mini skirt and heels for the night.

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 Silk, leather, fur and jeans, one combo, two different sizes! A game of sizes which when well played between separates look awesome. Furiously wide at the top with the black fur in the main role, silk unbuttoned shirt and the leather sleeve jacket with a cotton tank under, at the bottom is all about thinnes  and than one more time wide at the end with the slouchy studded biker boots and unzipped zippers on the skinny jeans. What do you say? Like that playful double sized game? Me, I'm obsessed with it, just don't know if I did it right, but in my head looks fantastic!

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 A crazy friend of mine and I testing the impact my shirts (which I designed back in September) have in front of the camera lights, and they did it well, really good have to say. Have to admit he's a model so it did benefit somehow the whole photo even more! He's wearing the stoned tee model in a catchy olive green and I the grey model with a v-neck alongside with Zara fur, Celine cut-eye sunnies and old army belt. Do you like my shirts?

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Some materials are always marvelous, and will never go out of  trend. In this case the material I'm talking about have a major powerful chicness, especially when in a whole leather attire. There is something WHEN even the name like of Coco Chanel never gave up on, quilting pretty much every single leather piece from her collection, and years later Kaiser Carl Lagerfeld himself uses it to make the most fashion memorable bag of all times and for the little black jacket too. In a sign of love for Quilted and inspired by these power material I put together a Quilted overdose, details from the jacket, high waisted skirt (again wearing high waist, as for me it's season's strongest detail) along with details from pointed-toes and then just a small bite of white with a normal tee with rolled sleeves to calm the power of black quilted leather, LIKE QUILTED?

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