We all have our essentials when it comes to dressing! I'm really feeling comfortable in whole black, and that's obvious, but a black combo with a blazer with power shoulders and a shiny oversized envelope bag is beyond all I want.  Clubmasters are always a great addition to my combo too with shiny black frames and the gold details around! BLACK AND GOLD ALWAYS WORKS.

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I wanted do that for so long. One post that would collect all of my really favorites, outfits that I enjoyed create, wearing, pairing, shooting and last posting here last three years while running this blog. Sometimes I really miss those days when I'll be so happy to crate every single outfit inspired by the new really strong social media and what was going on with blogs, happy to create an outfit shoot it and than post it, these three years was really a challenge for someone to start create a blog by all inspiring things, and now, I still like clothes, news in fashion, keeping in touch with trends but all these social media activities has been growing so quickly that at one point is really meaningless if you do have your space on the internet and doing a good job with it or not, this is growing too fast and too much that the real things doesn't even get the chance to show up, I mean I seen  fantastic blogs everyday, thousands of great blogs, I didn't know they existed, unlike the beginning 2010 when all around the world people doing blogs knowed every single person that were doing the same. It was a challenge in the beginning, those who wisely (or by chance) played they're cards have a powerful social platform.. Collecting all my photos in this post is to show you the different ME,  brown hair, blond hair, shorter hair, long hair, all black, all white, different styles that changed as my mood change. I really like doing this, mixing, composing, trying different things, maybe not all is for me or everybody. There were posts that I didn't update the blog with since they were totally not for me but I also enjoed try it out, not just follow the others.

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HIGHT WAIST!! Time to make few changes on the form of your- mine favorite too everyday bottom, high waist is now up, the new fit for the favorite everyday wear is perfect to wear with a simple shirt inside or a minimal turtleneck with a thin belt and just to make a contrast a oversized envelope bag.
VISOKI STRUK- vrijeme je promjena i novih trendova ulaskom u svaku novu sezonu, promjene na nama svima najdražem jeansu su u VISOKIOM STRUKU koji je sada više nego ikada cijenjen, uz običnu košulju ili dolčevitu nošenu unutar jeansa te tanki remen koji je upravo savršen oko višeg dijela struka i xxl torbu u ruci,

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Few highlights on what was my outfit yesterday and latest TREND finds.  First, lets say a typical gangsta in the middle of 90's look with the hooded jacket, the hoodie is a new thing that will for sure be BIG. Than  few western-eskimo hits: cow print, a new kind of trend print that is also on the beautiful Givenchy pre-fall collection,  a horn pendant, boho vibes from a maxi cozy cardigan and the classics- 2.55,  waxed pants, turtleneck, pointed toe  that stand for minimalism. 

Nekoliko detalja koji su zapeli mom oku zadnje vrijeme i situirali se kao nadolazeći trendovi, nakon duže potrage za istima, sve sam ih uklopila u jedan spoj kojeg bi mogla nazvati boho- gangsta- drevno eskimovskim mixom. Kapuljača na krznenoj jakni mi je jedan vrlo cool dodatak koji trenutnačno mijenja stav obične krznene jakne. Coolerski i nekako raprezentira neku vrstu gangsta coolerstva. Drevni print "krave" je još jedan detalj koji se naveliko nameće kao trend, sasvim drugačije od uobičajenih životinjskih printeva i daje onaj boho chic. 

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 I was at the awesome sneaker shop in Italy to try some new models. As I enter the store I was blinded by the numerous selection of models and colors. At one point I was caught by the adidas hi top model Baket in a pretty pale pink with laces in beige almost vanilla ice cream alike color, at the time I was going to try them the girl behind me exclaimed-  "did you see these ones, did you already heard for nike blazer? In Italy they're going really strong right now". And in fact as I turned myself to see the new model I remembered seeing them everywhere and blazer's sounded really common to me, oh yeah I saw them all across the web and instagram. So I try them in various colors but the favorite ones where suede beige and the leather dark blue ones. I was confused what to pick, and those ice-cream color adidas stucked in my mind too, ended up buying nothing! But I'll be back there for sure, when I'll choose what I want! In the meantime, which do you recommend?

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Just found a perfect deal!! THREE POWERFUL PIECES from BALMAIN reduced 65% off
The silk casual button up, the black silk one enriched with a straight neck and gold buttons, and the best-  moto skinny jeans in a typical BALMAN signature cut featuring pockets and quilted details. What to say more, I would totally spent 300 euros for the best pieces like these!

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