BEST OF 2013

GOODBYE 2013 HELLO 2014!!!
Hello my darlings..... What to say about 2013... Between new shoes, bags, clothes, accesories, trips, looks and outfits that I shared with you the most important to me was is that I tryed to share my passion and feelings. Sometimes it was difficult to struggle between my blog, update it daily, post new interesting pics while I have my daily job but at the end it always give me satisfaction. While we are about to start a new year I'm looking forward to  make every little thing better, to do more, be a better person, change many things without being scared of the unknown. And the most important I wish to every person who reads this a great year !!!

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Phillip Lim RYDER bag and here / Fendi cuff and here  / Zara boots / H&M moto zipper jeans / Oviesse furry jacket/ H&M biker jacket underneath 

Lately I've been all into two things- a perfect pair of jeans + large bag that follows exactly your style, staples of any style.  When you find a dream pair of jeans that fits you exactly like you imagined you can play with styles of a different kind.  I've been dreaming my jeans to be a pair of Balmain with ankle zippers but with that price I would rather buy (wisely) a high quality bag, so I waited, hoping mega brands would recognize the potential in a classic grey-ish moto style jeans with ankle zippers which in case you want normal skinnies you'll close them and open them up just when you want to make a high style touch while wearing heels.. I waited two years for h&m to made them though! After the perfect jeans here comes also the perfect bag, which in my opinion should always be of a great quality, Lately I bought a great quality bag, and it wasn't a decision I made in one day, the price was a bit higher but after all if you want a great bag you'll pay for it, I'm not for wearing brands from head to toe because I think there are many brands with lower prices that make even a better design but as for the bags there are no such a thing.  After looking Givenchy , Celine, Fendi and longing about various models: antigonas, nightales, phantoms and peekaboos I came across 3.1 Phillip Lim ryder which is a classic leather bag with gold details,  large enough to fit what you'll need during the day and small enough to go out with the same bag! It features the these days popular "doctor bag" style which came famous first with the Hermes Kelly model and few years ago with Fendi peekaboo. Comparing prices it was also Black cyber friday and Monnier Freres offered 30 % off and I got the bag for a nice price! And here it is the duo- IT BAG+ PERFECT JEANS which I wore while shopping the last Christmas present.  

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For the whole year I dress minimal, choosing always between black basics, beige, white to grey, but when it comes Christmas time I just can't get over glitter, chic festive looks, bow ties, dresses, pointed heels, blazers.
I got crazy last few days with my nails, here's few styles how to make your nails ready for holiday celebrations. I like to keep it basic for the base coat with nude  or black then I use a top coat with glitters and feathers. Between silver and multi- color glitters!

And as for the make up the good base is everything, so I always start by applying the foundation. I get the best results by mixing various liquid foundations with different texture, I like to mix Vichy Dermablend corrective foundation which is also my everyday foundation and has the highest coverage without creating that afull mask effect than I put also a bit of chanel mat lumiere which unlike the creamy Vichy has a mat effect, by blending those two I get the best results! With the Ilamasqua rich liquid foundation and YSL touche eclat concealer I like to make just few re-touches. The Illamasqua rich foundation has a really dense texture so I always blend it nicely while the ysl conce aler is made to put casually with no need for blending. I use these two just to correct and conceal my problem areas such as the dark circles under my eyes and  imperfections on my cheekbones! The last step of my make-up routine is to finish by applying a powder or mineral foundation with a big fluffy brush which connect all in one flawless texture. The base is all and with a perfect skin I don't need anything else but for the holidays I put just a tiny line of black eyeliner really close to the eyelashes then with a flat  angled shading brush I make just few quick movements with a black eyeshadow,  the last trick to fill the holiday make-up is to apply a glitter eyeliner above the thin line of black in a wider and lavisher line. 

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 HEEEY!!!! HO HO HO HO, look what I got here,It's almost Christmas and I like to make gifts to myself rather than expecting them from others, so I got myself a pair of crazy sneakers, the AIR JORDANS!! I got them at the foot locker store, it was this black-red model I decided to get, beside this one I loved the other all shiny black model with gold details but it was way too fancy and less air jordan to me, so I got this classic model, I wanted to wear them immediately  so I walk out the store with them on, I had my leather jeans and Alexander Wang bag on and I have to say the combo leather +wang +jays makes a cool vibe. Seems my dog likes them too, and I think they would go great also with my new"doctor" alike bag from Phillip Lim.

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Boots- zara, pants-h&m, tank top and belt Isabel Marant pour H&M

What does a leather jacket, a pair of black skinny jeans and pointed booties tell to you?! Yes, exactly,  they are the epitome of rocker chic, the style made famous by many style influencers but the first names that come to my mind thinking of this style are Kate Moss and Isabel Marant. The first Mrs. has started the mania for the classic nonchalant vibe while the other lady created it. When I saw her collection for h&m and brought two pieces I knew in advance exactly how would I styled it, along with leather jackets, black skinnies, pointed toe boots and as the best accessory a messy hairstyle! 

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 I spent months searching a perfect basic everyday bag, classic black leather, marvelous style, bit oversized, comparing prices from one brand and other from one shop to other. Although I wanted a Givenchy nightale I bumped into this new bag from Phillip Lim and the price compering the quality and style  was more than acceptable, at the end I was sure I will get a bag from Phillip Lim but I wasn't sure which model to get the new model of ryder or the one from the past collection and then if I should get the olive green or classic black. The old ryder was more basic and the new ryder more modern, and at the end Monnier Freres made my decision with a nice 30 % off on this bag. What do you think about this bag? I can't wait to wear it!

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Replay jeans/ Zara pointed toe heels / Asos peplum belt / Fendi cuff / 

 Hello everyone, do you feel the Christmas spirit already? Everywhere I go I hear playing "All I want for Christmas is you" then Frank Sinatra's "Santa Claus is coming to town" or Wham's! hit "Last Christmas" and what best occasion to spread a-lavish- galore of styles then during the season of  festivities season, even the person with the most basic style will tune into something more chic, there are many ways to tune into festive looks, glittery embellished dresses or shirts, blazers, add a little glam with gold tone or for the brave ones put something red. I choose to play with simple things, enrich my everyday jeans with a black shirt with sheer inserts and cute bow ties, a waist belt and few gold details.

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My black basics got a nice splash of colors the other day, when I was with my boyfriend in Italy, we were going to spend a nice day off  just strolling around the city on a nice sunny day, take a coffee or maybe two, go to a nice lunch with pizza and pasta and have some fun around,  but (like always) somehow I ended up cruising inside the stores.. I'm not regretting at all because I found my perfect pair of Air Jordans and a perfect black fall coat! My boyfriend misunderstood my meaning of a day off, somehow I have fun at the stores, I didn't missed to take a photo in a typical ITALIAN enviroment- surrounded by scooters ;)

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FENDI bracelet / ALDO sneakers / REPLAY flare jeans / RAY BAN clubmaster / OVS fur 
 There's an unexpected way my outfits always turn to look like! Even when I have an exact idea what to wear I always make up my mind. So, the flare jeans are simply made to be worn with heels especially with pointed toes and I'm first to agree, love when the bell bottom falls down and covers part of the heel letting visible only a bit of pointy toe, but while dressing up I saw my zebra skater style sneaks and simply it just clicked something, I tried it and it was looking unusually special. Love the drama here, I mean, the flares, the fur and the classic flap bag have that chic vibe by adding a skater style shoes I broke the whole elegant game here, not too elegant not too classic but everything in a exact measure

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cdc bracelet / diesel round sunglasses / h&m leather top/ zara biker boots
I just love the idea of sweatpants and sportswear  in general worn in fancy outfits even with high heels! I don't like label clothes between sportswear, menswear, etc. everything put together well can work so good! In fact many of my outfits for the night out are based on sneakers incorporated with a lace or leather top. This time my sport outfit is embellished with a cdc bracelet, biker boots and crazy round sunglasses! 

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RIGHT NOW Phillip Lim has the most amazing bags! I'm very attracted by the new design which I found really hot right now - the "doctor bag" style. It has two amazing pockets which can be effortlessly opened up and carried amazingly! The second style which is absolutely amazing but a bit more classic in confront of the new ryder is the old version called ryder medium, it's a classic big tote which can be the perfect everyday bag. Both come in many colors but two of my favorites are the basic black leather and olive green.. And then there is the price, both styles are now on offer at , shopbop and monnier freres. The first model -ryder medium in olive green is the cheapest, the one that it's really worth the price that has and I love it  then the second cheapest is the black medium ryder, and obviously the new ryder is more expensive!! help me out, should I go for the cheapest option or the one that I like the most ? Or should I get both !

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If you follow me on facebook or instagram you're surely familiar with this two pieces. This winter I'm searching my outerwear to be made from cozy wool materials, soft beige and camel colors, I would love to find a cape that reminds of a warm robe you wear while you're relaxing at your home, I would just love to get that vibe, relaxed yet chic, an outerwear to throw on any outfit in any color. I came along with this two pieces. First is the short coat from COS in a soft fabric and a light beige tone, I loved the high collar and asymmetrical zipper but there was one thing I didn't liked, when the zipper is open up the coat loses all that modern yet vintage glam and turn to look more sloppy and grandma style instead, but I'm still reconsider it, maybe it would look much better with a modern leather jeans on. The second piece from ZARA was almost like I have designed in my head my perfect coat should look like, the wrapped style that recalls a simple home bathrobe with a large belt on the waist and a modern hood a soft beige tone and short hairy texture but here we go again, my critic eye found something wrong and this time it was the size! They had it only in a large or xxl size and as this style of a coat is already made to fit looser and larger I noticed the L size didn't reach my idea, but still it was almost what I wanted. Help me out, what do you think about?

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Normally I like to dress up all in power black, all white, cream shades and really good basic pieces, but from time to time I like to embellish casual outfits with details out of the norm, out of my standards, seems almost predictable to pair all basic pieces so I like to make the difference with a phone case, strange sunglasses and few details. When I was shopping at h&m for the Isabel Marant collection I took a tour of the store and this CAT EARS in chic black lace completely stole my attention, I wanted to have them instantly, so cute, different, out of my norm girly but still chic they are from the new h&m holiday collection, covered in chic lace they would be perfect to create a fun festive look!

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Few weeks back I was in Bologna, I was there only for one day so obviously my goal was to see as much as possible. First I checked on the internet searching which are the hottest spots in Bologna, nothing matched my search, so I though it would be nice to do a "must visit" list  myself, so if you get the chance to visit the city you'll don't need to search great places on your own. As for my outfit, I like to stay as comfortable as possible when I'm traveling and exploring new cities but still I love to have that touch of style so I was wearing a basic long sleeve shirt with a leather sleeves vest over, carrying a large bag as always when I'm traveling to fit my camera, phone and extra jacket.

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 It's almost that time of the year, when we all like receiving gifts but also giving gifts to our beloved ones. Since these last few days my site recorded numerous kicks I tough I need to thank you and what better way than giving a hot tote to one of you. I'm giving to one of you a true best seller bag from zara!  Seriously this design was so hot that I've seen many brands trying to make a copy but only one is real!
All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to like my Facebook page HERE and share this post on facebook!

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