Which schould I pick?

 FLARED jeans or BELL-BOTTOMS may really have something special, that extra perfect thing that can make you WOWZER looking!! It's not a secret, FLARED JEANS are like body shapers  Works for everyday and looks even better with heels on ! Reminds me of something GRUPIE-GIRLS probably wore!
Plus, match a perfect hat and fur, that will be a perfect look! And I guarantee you got the most stylish style ever..

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Hey there boys and girls!!  I'm taking a major  hail to draped and splits! Loving all kind of splits, with zippers, games of asymmetry, all all of that! Yesterday I was wearing my favorite black skinnies with zipper split-ends and one vintage cardigan worn backwards with the buttons from behind that were making that v-open back that look fantastic, especially cool for the night-out outfit!

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 Nude body, pointed pumps with nude ankle straps, faux fur collar in beige and Margiela's iconic jacket, perfect combo! AND a beanie! a CHIC-less beanie with a tres chic outfit makes it more careless, and honestly, for me careles is CHIC itself!

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One of my latest crush! Enlarged key ring bracelet- very much alike handcuffs, fur, and nude body!  The rest of the outfit coming soon!!

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Sombody put some new shoes in the closet, somebody just like to show where they spent they're money and put it in top of the wall, shame to the beauty to put it somewhere inside, especially when they suit so much with the interior! 

Black booties from ZARA

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 Such a fun day! I went to Zagreb just  to be able to take a look and buy my favorite pieces from the Maison Martin Margiela collaboration with h&m, 3 hours of driving by car just for it,  since we had just one shop selling the collection in our country, but it was totally worth it !! In Zagreb I also did a great shopping, prepared myself properly for winter, meet up with friends from the city, then few coffee stops, than a delicious launch, everything fulfilled with lots of  fun!! Just with one problem, I really spent more than I expected, does this happen to you so frequently as it happens to me? I hate when I spend more than I planned, but my undecided mind tent to drive me crazy reflecting on what I should and what I shouldn't buy until I gave up and loose against my will to spend less.. And than, I have a bunch of clothes I'll never use, new even with tags, so I was thinking I should open a web shop with never worn second hand clothes!! SCHOULD I?

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HELLO GUYS!! HERE'S ONE LONG POST, I couldn't resist but upload all the pics I took of my new items from the collection of the year, the h&m and margiela collab!! Simply all the pieces I brought are unbelievably good and all the pieces simply loves the camera, in all the snaps the clothes look so well, so here are an extended version, I could simply wear it and show it to you, but I prefer that way, these are iconic pieces and above all- artistic pieces, so what could  be more appropriate then snaps like this?
MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA AT H&M- Body with integrated bra, Adjusted biker jacket, Enlarged key ring bracelet 

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Also something NEW - Guys, I'm really missing update you with my new buys and stuff like this, I will really try to do more of that, like I was once!! So, let me start with this- the new givenchy alike top from guess who? ZARA!! Star studs, I love you!! I would love to wear them with red leather, I don't know why, but I really see red leather pants with these white top so well!! Until I find a proper pair in red leather I will wear it with my also new- washed out jeans in black and the rocker belt suit good as well!

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 Boyfriend's birthday gift from my best friend: a white rocker-belt from Quiksilver!! I stole him this white awesomeness just for my outfit needs, need of just one rocking accessory = need accomplished,..

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 I've been into dramatic looking clothes, well since Hedi Slimane and his work with saint laurent(check what I'm talking about here(!).. Not saying this look is somethig so reach with textures and materials and so well done but at least I tryed copy my inspo.. so, here is all about the mix- casual with dramatic clothes, a casual drama I would call it

Black washed out jeans-Ann Christine / bag-Alexander Wang / Belt-quicksilver / jacket-H&M / boots-Zara 

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Searching the perfect pair of black washed-out denim, shortly saying: searching my mates for this winter to wear with chucks, vans, that would as well suit the perfect black pointed stilletos, a perfect winter cape or a leather jacket, faux fur, puffy and furry materials and so on....

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 Cold days? No, problem, you just have to pull the latest style, inspired by ninjas or better say bandits??
The turtleneck pulled up, a black turtleneck pulled up have some major power look and I love it, Wang propose it for this WINTER and I just couldn't resist and  worn it few months back when I was in Milan!

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This is the look I have in mind for like months now, by the time I saw this look from S/S 2013 by 3.1 Phillip Lim at  NY fashion week I know that this look will haunting me until I became a copy cat and try with the best of my stylistic powers to extract something at least similar.

The last try was like this: Margiela for H&M loose fit jeans in light denim and Leopard sweater from mango. There's just one thing I pay attention to while trying to find something similar - One piece of the two has to be as minimal as possible, better for the sweater since the leopard pattern is certainly something a bit more "not so minimal" than the jean is, so that's why these from Lim makes it perfect, the leo pattern is enough just on the sleeves, so the jeans can look alike whatever you want.. I think the best is to compose just one lavish piece with the second piece as minimal as possible. Or if you find your perfect sweater whole in a leopard pattern than the bottom has to be so clear, simple cut without too much details on..

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 The HAT from H&M certainly fullfiled my NEED and IDEA of a  perfect winter hat- what I had in mind is velvet material (suede would work too)  witchy shape and a bit over sized, the fit that would aproximately reach over and around the head and make that kind of "drama" and "Gotic"  I need more of on my daily outfits. for a daily outfit  one, just one accessory is more than enought, with the  whole look in that style would be more kinky than stylish  if you target (like me) just for a daily bases!

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