Counting the days before Maison Martin Margiela for H&M hit the stores. Already well prepared- I have checked all the items thanks to VOGUE.FR and stylebykling. The pieces are really... well I think the rightest therm to use is- UNIQUE. Just a glance throught the collection the feeling is like each piece is an work of art for itself  like from an gallery exhibition .I think these was truly the inspiration to the  team  behind MMM for H&M  since they chose dancers and performers to show they're collection instead of a fashion show. I really love the magic piece of a jacket Maison Martin Margiela created and called "car seat cover dress" inspired by real car seats indeed, probably the most gorgeous piece from the collection!
Beige and sand tone pieces in notable materials like suede and leather are the eye catchers of the collection

Black and brown pieces from knits to large biker jackets
 White- almost like hand painted on men's pieces such as shoes belts and vest!


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    1. Really me too!! Want so bad each piece of the collection ;)I think it will possibly be so far one of the best colab ever done by h&m with a notable brand!!

  2. such an amazing collection, so many things I want!

  3. I'm really curious about the pieces in real life! Some look so extremely cosy, love it!