2x from H&M / 1x Zara
 Hello dearest, how was your day so far? I'd like to show you what I got today: 3 marvelous knits in one same color, you'll probably think I'm nuts buying 3 things that (maybe to you) look the same and in the same tone BUT there is a BUT.. for some reason I NEEDED each of these three!
First let me start with that on the left side- it's cozy, long, almost looking like a big knitted shawl just perfect for the outfit I think I'll spent pretty much the whole winter, just grab it and jump into something warm.. The second one- is all made of little knitted buttonholes something equally cozy as the first one but with a different notable touch.. The third-  has leather sleeves, there's something (as you might figure out from my preview post) in that combination of two very different materials that ultimately makes the piece look SO ATTRACTIVE and CAPTIVATING, I just couldn't let it go!