Mornin' my stars!! Did you prepare yourself for a stylish winter? I just started and frankly I have found MY MATES FOR THIS WINTER so far- the honeycomb knit in beige is one of them! Here I'm wearing it with the black moto jacket and cut eyes- sunnies from Celine (I bet I will bored out you with outfits and outfits wearing them) but I can help myself  they really go with everything I put on!
 Clutch by Guess / Shoes from Zara / Bell bottom jeans from Met jeans / Honeycomb sweater from H&M / Moto jacket H&M / Cut-eye sunglasses are from Celine

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 Counting the days before Maison Martin Margiela for H&M hit the stores. Already well prepared- I have checked all the items thanks to VOGUE.FR and stylebykling. The pieces are really... well I think the rightest therm to use is- UNIQUE. Just a glance throught the collection the feeling is like each piece is an work of art for itself  like from an gallery exhibition .I think these was truly the inspiration to the  team  behind MMM for H&M  since they chose dancers and performers to show they're collection instead of a fashion show. I really love the magic piece of a jacket Maison Martin Margiela created and called "car seat cover dress" inspired by real car seats indeed, probably the most gorgeous piece from the collection!
Beige and sand tone pieces in notable materials like suede and leather are the eye catchers of the collection

Black and brown pieces from knits to large biker jackets
 White- almost like hand painted on men's pieces such as shoes belts and vest!

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2x from H&M / 1x Zara
 Hello dearest, how was your day so far? I'd like to show you what I got today: 3 marvelous knits in one same color, you'll probably think I'm nuts buying 3 things that (maybe to you) look the same and in the same tone BUT there is a BUT.. for some reason I NEEDED each of these three!
First let me start with that on the left side- it's cozy, long, almost looking like a big knitted shawl just perfect for the outfit I think I'll spent pretty much the whole winter, just grab it and jump into something warm.. The second one- is all made of little knitted buttonholes something equally cozy as the first one but with a different notable touch.. The third-  has leather sleeves, there's something (as you might figure out from my preview post) in that combination of two very different materials that ultimately makes the piece look SO ATTRACTIVE and CAPTIVATING, I just couldn't let it go!

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 Wearing my  SUPERHERO cape and an favorite combination at this time: HALF LEATHER HALF SUEDE! I've been purchasing almost every thing found in these catching combination of various materials with leather inserts,  the opposite is also looking damn good- whole leather with inserts in an interesting material as these knit, shirt and jacket from zara(!) I don't know what's about ZARA that keeps me refreshingly, spontaneously and each time enthusiastically enter they're store and  they're ONLINE shop!! and I don't know why but I really LOVE to KEEP ON track with they're new pieces all the time I'm probably! Probably I'm the biggest Zara fan

Zara half suede half leather booties / h&m pants / alexander wang alpha suede and leather bag and here/ H&M jacket / h&m mens shirt / piazza italia cape / Esprit leather bracelet / ray ban classic wayfarer / gold casio watch

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TWO OF MY all time favorites: BLACK AND  BEIGE! I'm really loving how these two colors look together, and somehow when I have to pick something in beige it always happen I pick the beige that match my hair color, so it became like a rule, if fits my hair color than it's the right beige to buy! 
The combo? It's like a bittersweet composition- translated: beige sweeten the dark black ensemble. The heels, well, I haven't worn heels for months now, thanks god or should I say thanks Marant for the awesomeness of sneakers she created I didn't needed heels, but from time to time I feel like I need to step into some chic footwear. Then I have to mention my country-side (only fashion related country side) expressed with the cowboy hat from zara, the biker side with the phenomenal leather jacket I got from h&m and as a clutch I simply carry the toiletry bag I got from Zara man selection
H&M- leather jacket, beige fur, belt / ZARA- t-shirt, cowboy hat, heels/ ZARA MAN- toiletry bag / MORELATTO - ring / ONLY - black skinny pants

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I love so so MUCH match just few details in the same (or almost in the same) color, Favorite color to make the MATCH right now is the KHAKI- BEIGE-SAND color from my celine very 50's sunglasses that reminded me of my loyal Dior sunnies from 5 or 6 years ago (remember the ones with a locked heart at the side?) they were  totally a hit at that time. Soo, I found the khaki arty color nailpolish from YSL and FRENZY from CHANEL very similar to that from my sunnies and instantly felt crazy when I tried it on my nails, both are amazing!

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 I love to snap pics of footwear a person is wearing, it really tells the mood the style of one person!
My bf loves his hi-tops from adidas which he style along with just a black skinny jeans or with blue ones, sometimes he goes crazy and add these sneakers to his suit pants and I can tell you it look awesome!
While I'm just loyal to my various Hi-tops and Hidden heel sneakers not because I feel like I'm wearing heels even when I'm in my SPORT mood but the FORM of sneakers with a hidden heel (not all the models) have that COOL- EDGY- EFFORTLESS casual chic I prefer.


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Magazines and Macarons

 While I was in Milano and Monaco I ended my trip with the Galore of magazines, I came home with like 10 pieces of Italian Magazines and 4 packages of Macaroons of Pistachio and Fragola just to enjoy even more my readings! Whenever I saw a newspaper stand I had to stop by and buy at least 1 or 2 mags! Too bad  I couldn't find any newspaper stand in FRANCE, I would end up with a car fulfilled just with magazines for sure! BTW. what's yours favorite reading-list?! Tell tell!

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While in Monaco I made a stop at Celine and brought some great cat-eyes in a sand-beige color, Celine's minimal-awesomeness is also visible  from they're shopping bags!

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