Lux GALORE in Monte Carlo
The most PEACEFULL  place I've ever been to.
There's no RUSH, NOT any kind of A RUSH, nervousness or nothing.. Just tranquility..
I took a tour from HERMES to CHANEL to see what's new there, AND sincerely I've been kinda intimidated by they're NON-STOP KINDNESS, especially in the shops, where I kept saying Thank you so much, I'm just looking around, I literally been surrounded and cuddled by people in the shops, but I really don't like that, I just love to look at all by myself, to see that kind of things I like and then just when I need something I just ask. But, Hey, that's what my boyfriend kept telling me, God, you're in Monte Carlo, in a HERMES or a CHANEL boutique, How do you aspect they don't cuddle and surround you when whatever you pick is approximately around 1000 euros. That's just the story, IS about that reason that I love Zara and all that cheap stores, you're on your own , you look at something, pick that thing, try it, buy - if it fits you and Goodbye. 

So, we're (especially my boyfirend) were caught by the OH, MY GOD CARS, that's just a pure EYE HEAVEN especially IF YOU LIKE CARS, ALL KIND OF CARS, AMAZING.
SEA, how could I forget the magic SEA. PURE BLUE CRISTAL SEA and the OMG boats, oh yes!!  ALL THE THINGS ME (and my bf) like!!
MY OUTFIT? a BLONDE STONED t-shirt lose-fit, comfy, grey. White HI-TOPS from ALDO and the SHOPPER from ALEXANDER WANG which is perfect to bring all the stuff you'll need, I took a spare knit and a leather jacket and all fits in there, so its perfect. ALL BLACK OUTFIT with just a spin of GOLD  with a vintage watch and VERSACE X H&M choker. 

Blond Stoned t-shirt / Aldo sneakers / H&M wax effect skinnies and jacket / Vintage gold watch/  Zara belt / Alexander Wang alpha suede and leather tote