All BLACK EVERYTHING, I'm back to my roots! I'm wearing the cute dress gifted to me by sugarlips apparel  which "wrinkled" become- a super top with a contrast, layers falling elegantly with a chic splash of volumen on the waist! It's amazing when ONE PIECE CAN BE WORN in so many WAYS, as these dress! I wore it normal as a dress here, now like a ruffled top and I have in mind to add just a cozy sweater to it and wear it like a pleated skirt! Who ever had in mind that a normal DRESS can be also SUPER VERSATILE!

Marc Jacobs wallet / Alexander Wang shoes / Sugarlips dress / Bershka blazer / Vintage Cartier gold watch


  1. I really love the way you're wearing the dress with the jeans.
    Great and unique combo for sure!