1st day spent in Milano the home city of  Prada, Valentino, Armani, Versace, Moschino, Dolce & Gabanna... you name it,  amaziness of  architecture, and that's just some of the beauties of Milan.

Ok, where were we? My first day there?! You know I adore FASHION of All KINDS, but sometimes it doesn't let you do things you wanna do, especially when you're a tourist in a city full of FUN.

 So, I'm rather saying NO, THANKS, you two will stay at the HOTEL for today,  to those 15 cm BEAUTIES that WANG created and go for a ZARA WEDGE  of circa 8 cm option ! God invented WEDGES for this, Isn't? 
So I started my combo with my adorable BELL- BOTTOMS and the AWESOMENESS of a leather jacket (I'm addicted to this new one, the design is beyond the price, and that's all I'm looking for) the new bag from once again ALEXANDER, and those wedges in a pretty red wine color, while I got dressed I found my bf dressed in a pair of suit pants in the same RED WINE color so we were unintentionally MATCHY-MATCHY + in his suitcase I found a pretty scarf in the same color which I stole him and occasionally just wrap it around my waist..

If you wonder which are my best SPOTS while in Milan I'll go for-

IL duomo- for the amazingness of the architecture.
 La rinascente- multi-shops with the biggest names of fashion separate by each  department+ bars of all kinds+ delicious food.
 10 corso como- restorants,  bars, shops in one , with a very relaxing atmosphere. 
 Bianco Latte- a well known bar, reputed as the best for delicious cakes, coffee and gelato, sincerely... I just tried a coffee while in hurry, but nothing special, sometimes the marketing and various adss fool as.. but you have to try it to know, even the atmosphere is very very cozy but the coffee is just-not what I expected.

Alexander Wang Alpha leather and suede tote / Zara wedges from last year / Met bell bottoms /  H&M leather quilted jacket / Benetton turtleneck /  h&m mens scarf / h&m belt


  1. Great pants! lovely outfit!

  2. You look hot babe

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