Lux GALORE in Monte Carlo
The most PEACEFULL  place I've ever been to.
There's no RUSH, NOT any kind of A RUSH, nervousness or nothing.. Just tranquility..
I took a tour from HERMES to CHANEL to see what's new there, AND sincerely I've been kinda intimidated by they're NON-STOP KINDNESS, especially in the shops, where I kept saying Thank you so much, I'm just looking around, I literally been surrounded and cuddled by people in the shops, but I really don't like that, I just love to look at all by myself, to see that kind of things I like and then just when I need something I just ask. But, Hey, that's what my boyfriend kept telling me, God, you're in Monte Carlo, in a HERMES or a CHANEL boutique, How do you aspect they don't cuddle and surround you when whatever you pick is approximately around 1000 euros. That's just the story, IS about that reason that I love Zara and all that cheap stores, you're on your own , you look at something, pick that thing, try it, buy - if it fits you and Goodbye. 

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1st day spent in Milano the home city of  Prada, Valentino, Armani, Versace, Moschino, Dolce & Gabanna... you name it,  amaziness of  architecture, and that's just some of the beauties of Milan.

Ok, where were we? My first day there?! You know I adore FASHION of All KINDS, but sometimes it doesn't let you do things you wanna do, especially when you're a tourist in a city full of FUN.

 So, I'm rather saying NO, THANKS, you two will stay at the HOTEL for today,  to those 15 cm BEAUTIES that WANG created and go for a ZARA WEDGE  of circa 8 cm option ! God invented WEDGES for this, Isn't? 
So I started my combo with my adorable BELL- BOTTOMS and the AWESOMENESS of a leather jacket (I'm addicted to this new one, the design is beyond the price, and that's all I'm looking for) the new bag from once again ALEXANDER, and those wedges in a pretty red wine color, while I got dressed I found my bf dressed in a pair of suit pants in the same RED WINE color so we were unintentionally MATCHY-MATCHY + in his suitcase I found a pretty scarf in the same color which I stole him and occasionally just wrap it around my waist..

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From  M to M! 
My trip started 20 of September when we (me and my bf) pack our things, pick up the map and sign where we'll go, we instantly decided we're going to Milan as the "city della moda" with all the shops I'm interested in, and the most important THE FASHION WEEK going, it was a brilliant idea to combine pleasure and work. Then we decided for Monaco, Nice and the tour across the whole  marvelous Costa Azzurra.
As First I decided to post  the STREET SNAPS of Milan, outside the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and the always breathtaking DUOMO,  snaps we took for  TTW and the Croatian LINE MAGAZIN.   Tell, TELL what are your opinions about MILANO?

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Not all the white shirts are just white shirts, a thing left-out as a thing of less importance in fact makes the big change. The MATERIAL that beside the color makes the look of a piece. 
Just a glimpse through the men selection shelves at H&M the other day my STYLE attention was all concentrated on the oversized men's shirt with a  white crisp almost invisible cubic pattern, WHITE, OVERSIZED and beside all MENS, how could I let it go? I (like I always do) pick it and styled my BF to try it on,  In the first place the SHIRT was brought because it looked nice on HIM but it was too difficult for me to don't brake the rules and ONCE AGAIN stole him his clothes.

Guess bracelet / h&m men xxl shirt / marc by marc jacobs wallet / clubmaster ray ban / alexander wang shoes 

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 BAG-vintage Gucci / SHIRT- vintage / Velvet shorts- terranova / ID bracelet- c&a men / HIGH-TOPS- rivers island / Black tank top- intimissimi

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All BLACK EVERYTHING, I'm back to my roots! I'm wearing the cute dress gifted to me by sugarlips apparel  which "wrinkled" become- a super top with a contrast, layers falling elegantly with a chic splash of volumen on the waist! It's amazing when ONE PIECE CAN BE WORN in so many WAYS, as these dress! I wore it normal as a dress here, now like a ruffled top and I have in mind to add just a cozy sweater to it and wear it like a pleated skirt! Who ever had in mind that a normal DRESS can be also SUPER VERSATILE!

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Do you sometimes feel like you don't need always to handle that LARGE bag with you? OH, I know that feeling very well, I mean, I love bags- of all kinds, but sometimes I just feel I want someting more handy and practic just to put my card, keys and phone in it and that's it.
Here are my WALLET from Marc by Marc Jacobs brought from NET A PORTER, there's also one perfect from Proenza Schouler with the same Ipad case
zara tank and belt/ vintage bracelet and Cartier watch/ h&m ring

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