NO COLOR or BASIC COLORS are always my GO-TO COLORS, the OVERSIZED- LOOSE FIT really a thing I can find myself in. my kind of thing. And what I love about WHITE oversized light pieces is that they makes me instantly feel the summer breeze, so polite so fresh & clean and the destroyed & loose fit makes me feel some kind of ...rebellion, actually!  Those two things together are like: The polite ALL white meets the dirty- trashed and destroyed look. The pants are once again A DIY! Just used my plain white pants and cut  randomly here and there. My old suede boots  are transformed from knee-high to  calves -high, Just to make a contrast on skinny pants and stay in the mood of the loose fit.

BOOTS: zara (fall-winter 08'collection) / WHITE PANTS:  DIY / BELT: vintage / TANK: nameless, old / FEATHER NECKLACE: stradivarius / MEN'S SHIRT: gifted / LEATHER BRACELET: esprit / METAL CHAIN BRACELET: ann chrstine/ BAG: my grandpa's, vintage


  1. the looks look incredible on you

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  2. cool :) love the jeans!

    xx, Hanna

  3. Wow, very nice photos! I like this post so much!
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  4. great outfit!<3