C is for Camo

My PINK iphone case adds a "so inappropriate" detail to a edgy and bold old army jacket!
But, it's ok you know I love that kind of things, where inappropriate and appropriate meets!
 After a variate cowboy inspired times, sport classics, and others, now its a army look time!
Boyfriend's old army jacket / zara bag / stradivarius shorts/ knee high boots worn all rolled up / xxl tee from a local supermarket

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Today! wearing a xxl t-shirt  found at my local grocery store, men's department! Instantly been captured by it's loose-fit and the olive-green color which fits the style I recently like: camouflage! BTW.  spotted my style-sister also in a xxl t-shirt just the day after I buy it! Is she reading my mind? or AM I reading her mind?! It happens frequently when I'm into a trend that the day after she's wearing it!  cool girl! ps. just to mention who I'm talking about,  my all time crush- blogger and my style-mind reader is Elin
PSS. Did you notice something new? something like a  fresh cut and a blonder color? yeah, finally!

olive green men's tee- supermarket find / shorts-stradivarious / bag: zara

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Maxi and sleeveless is just the thing right now, fits like a glove, breathable, light, made for the summer breeze,  until it gets hotter is the perfect wear!  Totally feeds my desire to dress and appear like a rebel cowboy these days and with these boots.


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It's actually nice to find things that properly are not used exactly for the thing you've intended , but when you're somehow inspired by it you'll find a way to make it proper for the thing you want. So that's exactly what happened to me when  I was walking by the beach nearby my house and found a damaged piece of wood, it look so natural and beautiful,  perfect as a new rack for jewelry to put into my room, so I decided to take it with me. For now it look like this,  just few jewelry attached on it stands on the floor, but in  few days I will  fix it on the wall and try to make it look how I want it,  put all the jewelry on and this wood DIY rack will look AWESOME!

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The most practical bag of all bags, the belt-bag.  A festival- ready bag I should call it, its perfect to let you dance and move without carrying too much about losing all of your stuff! That bag is a proof that you should never get bored of your old stuff,  interpreted in another way and  worn with  new pieces you can renovate every single piece and make it look like new. I've put it on with my clubmasters, the red studded jacket, a loose-fit tee (my supermarket find nbr.1) the light-wash shorts and white chuks, and oh, my old dkny watch , an escape to the usual silver and  gold watches, that's why I like it, its pretty different + my mum's vintage chain bracelet.

shorts: bershka, old / belt: zara / watch: dkny / chein bracelet: vintage / jacket: teranova /


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My crush on cowboy-cowgirl look alike boots(or simply call it CABALLERO) & white shoes merged together with what?? A DIY of course, my super old never so used  boots (FOR unknown reasons, maybe the color, the fit or something else)  just with a white spray  become WHITE AND AWESOME. The faded white is not the result of a shaking hand, I just wanted them IN A FADDED  WHITE SHADE  so they'll look even more caballero. 

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Currently drooling on  high-waisted leather shorts! THE Sartorial perfection. The ones from the first picture with a model channeling a signature balmain  look is just the outfit that totally reads my FASHION- mind: a plain white tee, sunglasses and leather,  ALL THAT I NEED IN ONE COMBO! You already seen my vintage model of high waisted shorts this winter (here) now it's the time to take a walk on the outside with them without tights. OOH, how nice is when you like something and you already have a old piece or mum's vintage at home and you don't need to go on a desperate search.

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I'm really looking forward to find something in a perforated leather material in a OFF- WHITE
color, I difficultly manage to found few pics just to show you what I'm talking about, not to mention that I found something like a big nothing to buy, from  expensive designers to the street style brands!. IT JUST always  HAPPEN TO ME, every time I have in MIND  WHAT MY new IT thing IS,  I BARELY  cant find  A single piece or something look alike of what I had in mind! That was the case the  first time I discovered the 'today' NOTEBLE side-stripe pants, due  the lack of OFFERS  I made them with a DIY, and AFTER  a while  BOOM, the TREND EXSPANDED AND  we had a variate choice from cheapest to expensive. SO, what I had IN MIND is SOMETHING LIKE THAT BLACK DRESS in the ph. below from raoul( the only brand that has something in perforated leather) but in WHITE. Perfect balance between the polite, dramatic and  minimalistic look.

 Raoul leather dress here in black, would be perfect in white color. Two details of a leather perforated material I like.

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 The blazer, washed-out black skinnies, pointed toes, the large bag, all in black, really the basics.
With details like the beige hat, clubmasters, a gold watch, beige snake print skinny belt and a vintage sheer top, a gift from my aunt. And my large gold bracelet on my ankle.

POINTED TOE BOOTS, BAG: zara / SKINNIES: just cavalli ( with customized zippers) / HAT: h&m/ SHEER BEIGE TOP: vintage / SUNGLASSES: ray-ban

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