RED peeking from my OLD biker jacket, It's from essenza, brought couple of years ago...with couple I mean  like 5 or 10 years ago,  a cheap and cheerful way to recycle clothes after years and years of throwing them to the back of my wardrobe. I just discover I have tons of clothes, you know why ? I realize I  never throw anything of my wardrobe, yes, NEVER,  (like a clothes-freak-maniac),  I  just find a way to  restyle them or as in this case just put it aside and you know what, I always know there will be the right time I'll start to love  and wear every single piece again, Think TIE-DYE, years back they were like Big and after that what do you do with all Tie-dye pieces? you throw them all? of course not,  you preserve it till 2012 when a major of fashion of our time start the tie-dye mania once again, that's the case for all trends, they will be always back sooner or later. I just took example of TIE-DYE, I beg your pardon but my mind doasn't saved the file from who and when was started the BIKER JACKET mania  ;)
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 Style can be found everywhere, right? I  have NO discrimination, from low-cost goodies from a local supermarkets to flea markets, second hand items found on ebay or everywhere else..
However, this time I found few simply cotton shirts with long sleeves, few v-neck T-shirts and personally my favorite- don't know the appropriate term for it maybe- a hunter/fisherman vest I could call it.. However, at first sight, it seems like an "nothing special" item but the time I reverse it I found an interesting inside: black perforated material on a olive-green waterproof material with  few mini-pockets,  perfect  to put your phone  and  few item that you  normally can't hold in your vest, Perfect  with a leather jacket under.

bag: zara / ankle boots: zara / leather jacket: pimkie / black skinnies / sunnies: ray-ban wayfarer / vest and v-neck tshirt from a local supermarket / belt: ann christine 

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My background transmit an unusual excess of color, but somehow is needed when  there is a lack of it on my outfit. 
That T-shirt is my new go-to thing. The numbers, the basketball look of it adds an extra points on just everything you put with it. From the time I saw it, I just knew it was like made for me. Perfect weather let me test it the day after I buy it, just in time for my go-kart catch up with friends, you can tell from the pics of...  me sitting on old car tires, yes, really impressive.
sunnies: DIESEL / numbers tee: ZARA / beanie and jeans: TERRANOVA 

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 These is  a vintage NAVAJO jacket I pull-out today  from my mum's wardrobe after months and months of thinking how I would pair it and wear it (you know, I'm a lazy lazy girl) only today I found time to check were the hell is this forgotten and rejected vintage jacket and put it where is her place to be, on me in a good company compose of round glasses, vintage bag in cogniac brown leather color and you know, just to fullfiled the 70's feel, bell-bottoms!

vintage navajo jacket / met bell-bottom jeans / vintage luggage bag / zara  boots / h&m sunnies /


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A shopping ready outfit, comfy enough to let you run from one shop to another while  trying on all kind of clothes.. Matching boots and jacket in a RED color. 
boots: ZARA / skinnies: JUST CAVALLI / belt: ANN CHRISTINE/ red jacket: TERRANOVA / bag: ASOS /

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