I'm afraid I'm the only person that don't want spring to come that fast, because of these beautiful coat all wrapped up around me, so so cozy and warm, it's a shame that I don't used it enough but I can still wear it with light sweaters and white shirts till it's time have to use it as much as I can. Shame on me, that coat don't seen a light and it was standing unused in my wardrobe from my high school days, shame shame shame!

old black coat / zara booties / met flare-leg black jeans / diesel leather bracelets/ ray ban wayfarers 

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MY new new balances on a high dose of vitamins(mean colorful very colorful) since color and all this is so new to me I had to remain soo ME and CALM DOWN these color-hysteria with a "straight colors" overdose. ok, I just like it that way sooo what??
PS. pictures with a better look on my outfit and not concentrated on my first color sin -read new sneakers are about to come.

new balance sneakers / zara false leather pants and false fur jacket / puma light  jacket / mesh knit terranova

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Love my old newly-renovated pants, since they was too stretch at ankle I cuted  both side and made the split-ends pant(my craving for a long time). Now I have them, and I have my money too, since I spend nothing,  good save DIYs. Oh, forgot to mention the clutch DIY too, In need of a  simply crossbody bag (since the search for my perfect one is still going) in the meantime I used my old guess clutch attached the leather-strap from one another old bag  and I got a pretty crossbody bag. I found one more option with the gold chain, still have to show you how it looks. 
So, What do you think about my silver pants? aren't they so disco disco?
zara booties and faux fur jacket / silver  pants: DIY, old / cotton tank t by alexander wang / DIY clutch guess, old / leather cuffs diesel

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My old wide belt is back in action! Unexpectedly, after I tried it I  felt like it's time to put it "back in the game" because "he" really knows how to highlight every outfit.
old wide belt / vintage necklace /  vintage white shirt fendi  / leather cuffs diesel 

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Marc Jacobs BANG / pink iphone case / Calvin Klein belt /  h&m petal embroided chain bag / ray-ban wayfarers/ accesorize cuff / black bandana 

Who says you can have both? A perfect harmony beetween sweet and bitter or  hard and light textures or even rock and pop, romantic and rock style. Ok, however, you can define it like you want,  sweet bright colors and textures with black -hard textures, Various styles in one styling. Why not?

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I pull  out the most amazing lacquired leather long coat my mum used to wear  when I was a lidlle child. It always seems so giant to me that the fact that now fits me suprised not only me but my mum too. REALLY, it made us concious how I rised this much and the fact the childhood runs too fast. Sad but true. I wanted to be a lidlle child like forever.  Ok, to my mum I'll always be. SO,  IT'S nice like this, I'm a child and an adult at the same time. And about the lacquered materials, I thing Wangs new collection just highlight the opportunity for these glossy materials as a new trend, love it! 
ray ban wayfarer/ vintage leather coat/ gifted vintage gloves/ string necklace / t by a. wang white shirt/

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ok, you know, I'm half italian so dont mind my "hand-talking" is always like this when italian people want to explain you  something! mind my newest discover (ok, not newest, it's been couple of months i been addictive wearing this) but you know its nice to say it like this.  And, what I'm talking about? guess guess guess, and no, it isn't  these leather tee and not even these gorgeous rings, you've been seeing me in for latest two posts,   I'm talking about
CLOSE-FITTING NECKLACES aren't they supreme?
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 Black and white or better say all white, straight cuts, minimal, simple, high waisted, classic,  sheer materials, I've felt like I was rechecking the minimalism of the nineties. I'm kinda like like it! 

 my mums sheer high waisted pants from the 90s / h&m divided faux leather tee / h&m faux fur collar/ straight cut white coat / mum's gold thin rings 

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wearing my new buys: the oversized faux leather tee and large rings from h&m divided with my beloved versace for h&m choker and few vintage thin gold rings

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