An energetic mix: oversized waistcoats are the piece I've been hunting for and discuss how good it looks  melted with sexy skinnies, in the meantime totally forgot that I got an amazing waistcoat at home, in fact my boyfriend has it,  I just lent it, since it's not his type of usual-wear he's not complaining at all.

zara (men) waistcoat/ zara pointed toe booties/ black skinnies and knit terannova-old/ old fluffy hat 

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 A preview of my outfit which I should call -MY BRIGHT SIDE-, since I was infected by the bright pastel colors, so as many of you! but, let's talk about JACKET-ON-JACKET a new trend in circulation. Forced by the constantly-changing weather in Italy which I could define as struggling between sunny and cold cold weather, I needed to try layering two jackets. A layer of a light-thin false leather jacket+ a layer of a warm faux fur. Indeed need!
 white false leather jacket old pimkie/ faux fur zara/

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 As you might know, I was long time speaking  how i want a pair of pants with side panel, I wanted them to look like a basic, simple suit pants, with side-panel in a opposite color. Instead of buy them I made them, using my old black suit pants, cutting both sides and inserted a white material, it's not that difficult and the result is quite pleasant, better than I expected.
ps. Don't mind the chaos,  it's not always like that!
 alright, who am I kidding?!

Bershka blazer / DIY black pants with white side-panel / rubber watch / zara pointed toe booties

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 Too much photos for one outfit, I know! but I had to, my love for bell-bottoms is bigger than you thought since I wear them occasionally, but every time I wear them I feel like they're kinda an improver for every simple outfit, not sure if improver is the right word, damn, my english sometimes abandon me, especially in the moments I  need it! ok, what do you my chicas think? bell bottoms rather than skinnys?

vintage denim shirt/ ann christine aviator jacket and vintage -look bag / piazza italia mens knit / diesel belt old / zara pointed toe booties/ bershka bell-bottoms

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 I Think I already show and said  many times how I love mixing  things that are completely strangers one to another, as I would say: the completely opposites. So, I have to melt two of my favorite: sportswear and heels!  Completely opposite things  can in fact   attract themselves sometimes like they're  created to be in one single  combination together! at least works for me! definitely one of my favorite-opposite combination since I saw MARANT f/w collection: the tipicially sportswear gilet with chic boots and heels.  Coincidentally I have just found my old quite forgotten nike gilet, perfect  to try this which I would say- is the new trend!
what do ya think, is that a new trend? now let me hear ya!! haha now, have to stop speaking like an jerk!

gilet nike/ zara  booties/ teranova old knit and black skinny jeans/ zara men waistcoat / black fluffy hat/ sisley belt/ ray ban wayfarer/ random silver rings 

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New accessory/boxes for my "black room"- that's how I call my room,  the living room is the white room, funny, huh? That's something we always do in my family, since I was little this room was the black room because of  the all black furniture and it remained the "black room" till today, I didn't wanted to change the name so I didn't change the color base. Anyway, I designed these 3 boxes and take my sketch to a wood store,  choose the material and color  and they made 3 cute boxes right how I wanted them. And the price was quite cheeper confront the  final product bought in a normal furniture-store.
It only remains to fix it on the wall and put few more shoes on and in it, but is cute like that I like that you can put these boxes how you want and variate with styles since they're not fixed to anything.  

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      -Skimmed through the back issues of my magazine collection, love doing that.
      -Skinny faux snake print belt.
      -Simple wide-leg white pants.

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As I said in the previous post, I'm officially an INSTAGRAM addict, the best place to capture all your favorite things!  You can really find interesting things there, from outfits to clothes,  food photos, furniture, accessories. My profile is fulfilled with all the things that captured my eye (like my little scrapbook) and  inspired me to take a photo . I already have almost 100 photos, since it's easier to post a photo with an phone and with a program like that, since you always have it  in a palm of your hand. Easy to find all you want by the simple tags, and as well it's easy to be found by the same tags.

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I want to share few ph. with you which I didn't posted since their bad bad quality, there was no one, it was me and my iphone only, but I was thinking what the f..., isn't the only think important to see some style and good clothes in a photo? if  there is any, is here any?  
ps. I'M OFFICIAL AN INSTAGRAM ADDICT! so maybe I'll start to post more looks like this, without good quality, great colors and etc.! It's easier to capture the exact thing you want when you do it by yourself. That's what I like about instagram, all that inspires me,  I just take a photo of it,  post it and I'll have it all in one place.  Instagram is like my little scrapbook  where I collect all the inspiration, looks and things I like! I'll shoot you a link in a separate post.

Wang shoes/ my mum's vintage high waist leather shorts / t by alexander wang tee / bershka blazer / ray ban wayfarers / old silver bracelet / white rubber watch / old leather cuff /

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There's a chemistry between simplicity(of a white crochet)and the effortless luxury(of gold and fur) 

old suede knee-high boots from zara / versace for h&m choker /  mum's old gold rings and vintage crochet top  / Ann Christine skinny buckle snakeskin print belt / zara faux fur / t by alexander wang gray tank

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