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Do you remember the previous post? I talked about my new buys:  faux fur, knits and all things that I purchase from zara, so, here they are on my shelves, next to my old darlings: from top to bottom: wang heels,  straw hats, long silk customized dress from few years ago from my prom night, leather dress, zara boots 3 or 4 seasons ago.
New: beige faux fur jacket, knit with zippers, both from zara, aviator jacket and snake pattern box buckle skinny belt from Ann Christine, again old: skinny jeans with zippers old Roberto Cavalli. bottom: black bag with leopard details zara. Which are your favorite pieces, tell my, rockstars? 

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side panel pants

spotting the new trend!! pants that looks so different yet so cool, the style can variate - front and  side  with different pattern or in different color, or even both!  love it! Is been a while now that I'm searching something like that, with no results, but slowly, lately I've started spotting them, so I'm trying to catch them right how I want it, with perfect fit, flare leg,  in 2 similar shades or even in 2 different colors, so here are my favorite, for now!

from left to right, top to the bottom: 1.nowhere dike trousers found on nelly.com  2.color block slim white pants/ romwe.com  3.l'agence cotton track pant/ theoutnet.com  4.deborah pants nelly trend/ nelly.com 
5-6.two- tone stretch wool pants Narciso Rodriguez from net-a-porter.com

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Wearing my newest bag from Zara, new jumper with black and white stripes, and the warmest jacket in my wardrobe, kinda sporty but I like the mix !

 Yesterday I went to zara for some shopping treats! Sometimes my shopping is well planed, like yesterday! I always search for new items, browsing the stores online and then  decide what to go for. But not always things goes like you have planed! I wanted a pointed toe suede booties  that I already try few days ago, but they didn't have them in my size, so I brought this zara bag and decide to go in one other zara store another day and try to find those booties in my size! so, yesterday I went to buy them and few other "wanties" that I planed to buy: 1 fur jacket, 1 knit and  flat comfy booties, I didn't even thing that I will find everything beside the shoes that I wanted the most! but I'm not complaining, not at all, I already call one other zara store and because zara is well prepared and organized, they can deliver your wanted items in your nearest store! so, booties, DONE!

bag zara/  bracelet and belt diesel / old  booties / jumper pimkie /  old jacket 

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sneakers, wedges and pointed toes a terrible mix for a new trend

Giuseppe Zanotti wedge heel boot/ Giuseppe Zanotti dip side wedge booties with shearling lining/ Giseppe Zanotti zip wedge booties/ Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers 

These are my favorites, but I already found few cheaper version of these expensive and terrible beauties,  I will save them to show you later!

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Just browsing the web, and look where I finished to spent the most of my time, properly,  on isabel marant website, just looking for some inspiration, and like always Isabel serve me a plate of precious inspirational outfit! I share with you few!




Denim on denim shearling on grey 

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double surprise

pants zara/ red studded jacket/ knitted shirt and gold rings mum's (vintage)/ black turtleneck/ caleidos bag/ bata boots(old)

First:  versace for h&m! I made it late, since it was a very busy day I manage to go check the store late, so naturally the best pieces were already sold out, but I manage to buy one thing that I wanted from the collection, promise I will show you soon my catch!

Second: surprise.... did you notice?? I'm again blonder, after several years of being brown/dark brown and mixed all together I returned to my roots, not that I didn't notice, I was totally conscious that brown hair  didn't suit me at all, don't know why I didn't done it before, maybe  I don't trust much to the hairstylists, since they often make mistakes to my hair/cut/ color!  but I'm happy to say hello blonde again!

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Real rockstar

Yesterday I went to see  Lenny Kravitz's concert, I really wanted to see what a real rockstar can do, how a real rock star act on stage, and even how real rockstars dress up for the stage. As his fan from my earlier age I really couldn't  miss this thing!! I felt Pure awesomeness, powerfulness and more feelings that words can't describe. Earlier that day I also  made  a stop at h&m to catch up few items from the versace for h&m collection and see what's like the collection for real and  also went to pick up few wanted items from zara.

ps. Lenny and his stuff were so bad bad dressed, there's all about leather and fur . He made his entrance dressed up in leather in a wavy black fur, and his stuff all in asymmetrical black  pieces that instantly remind me of  rick owens, since lenny frequently dress owens it wouldn't surprise me that he stylizing the whole stuff for his tour, how awesome?

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je veux- 13 most wanted pieces versace for h&m

13 most wanted pieces from the versace x h&m collection. After a detailed examination of all items (men  department included) through h&m.com,  I made a list of  items that instantly make my think about versace, it's history and it's well recognized style!  if I had to buy one single item of the collection would go for an item that describes the hole story of this brand, so these items seems kinda perfect for what I was searching for of this collaboration. I'm loving the gold details on black, the luxury of it, and of course, although I'm not a big fan of colors and prints, I couldn't resist these "typical versace" palm three prints on jackets and caps, with an all black outfit would probably fit my style well!!

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shady play

 black tank top h&m / deichman gladiator heels / accesorize leather bracelet / bell bottom old jeans

 this summer! quite an interesting night, my outfit, few pictures, low quality, but still..  my outfit was composed by my cheap and cheerful "essentials": old bell-bottom black jeans, the perfect ones, washed out a bit, perfect fit and comfortable enough, tank top, gladiator heels and black leather bracelets. oh yes, and the bag, the messenger bag. Perfect outfit!  At least for me, you can't judge! couse' you cannot see it!!

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Hairy black

That perfect shape, that hairy pattern and obvious, that dark color, make this bag, my dream bag! everything here suits so right that I dare to say that's the FLAWLESS bag!! Found on Boticca (for ones who haven't yet heard about it, that's the new IN online shop) for 292$ I would say, great cost per wear

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je veux- black basics

No matter if  leather, patent leather, knit, snake pattern or fluffy and hairy patterns! all that's important is that the important details  comes in black, the immortal and most powerfull color of all, so they'll  emphasize the pattern to the max! and rich every simple outfit! so, here are my desires, wish they come true!

knit- Alexander Wang
shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti
faux fur jacket - zara

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born to be a star Hoodie

new hoodie!!! that I'm loving, with a statement phrase that I'm loving even more, in a humorous/ sarcastic way of course. loving my new hand made rings (in dark red and burgundy shades )too!!
 alexander wang- shoes
zara velvet shorts(very old)
diesel belt(old old)
born to be a star hoodie
nerd glasses
rings in various shades of burgundy and dark red(I still have to talk you about that)
h&m beanie

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work in progress

Beside fashion, interior design inolves me a lot.  I didn't knew  it until few months ago, when I started renovate my flat, I knew I'm good at searching and exploring various styles and searching for new ideas and achive my ideas in deeds, but this is far than that, I actaully enjoy  while doing it so much, that I would gladlly doing it every single day, maybe I have to work in this area!! hah  Every single thing, from searching the perfect  accesories and the perfect color to painting my walls all by myself  give me the plasure that until now   I didn't discovered!!

and you will see more! since the work is still in progress!  I still have to finish my bedroom which I have to say  will be a whole another thing considering the all-white living room! Have to buy the perfect desk(of which I already have the idea how it most look like, but can't find the perfect one) and the details like the hairy carpet, few vases and photos !! so excited to share all with you!
                                                               X N

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