I call it rock wear, why? caouse' black satin blouses with wide sleeve ends somehow recall  the history of rock  clothing, something that I can imagine on Mick Jagger rolling and running on the stage with.
and the cut offs, on the girls who where screming below the stage.
leather belt: sisley/ pointed toe court shoes: zara/ cuffs: h&m /old DIYed cut offs /black silk crumpled blouse: vintage / black horn and wing necklace: new yorker men's / nerd glasses

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twisted yarn sweater

My old twisted yarn sweater, with black, white and grey flecks, a lot of volume and one size too big! COZY!

c&a white cuff
old knitwear
 silk full wide leg pants

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This is my last chance to wear my dark blue silk shorts made of an old man's pajama! I'm really into pajamas  right now. Since it's getting colder and colder I'm tring to make the best of it and show it in their best way, I like every little part of it: the material, the stripes in the darker shade, and the way they look on me , easy , the material just falls down with the cropped irregularity!

zara shoes/ silk blue shorts DIY(made of an old man's pajama) / black turtleneck benetton old / blue bandana old / various rings in burgundy handmade /black camisole old

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wicked flora on my pajamas

Alexander Wang shoes / floral pants / ribbed tank top / rings and bracelets handmade 

In love with my soft and wicked pajama- looking pants with floral pattern, I am a little late with it, since I have to start thinking of fall, coats booties and jacket included,  but they're  so nice looking so I can afford one OFF TOPIC post!

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Burgundy accesories

Speaking of burgundy! There's something special and mysterious in that color that involves me so much that  I had to  procure me something in that color,  rings in various burgundy and wine- red nuances were perfect to start my colection of  burgundy, that color is pretty catching since everyone wants it! Btw. the rings are handmade and each of them are  a unique piece. They will be disponable at my webshop I hope in a short time!!

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 Sheer, burgundy and dark blue! mixed all toghether create a color palette that's on my mind for this fall

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peter pan's shirt

DIY-shirt and shorts / shoes- alexander wang 

Don't ask me why, it just remined me of something  peter pan would wear, maybe it's the form  or the green color which gives an infantile look, or maybe it's me, and my infantile touch and ignorance while making this shirt,  I  cut off the end of a simple and annoying old shirt and  here it is, at least is not a boring shirt anymore. And, I have to say it, I Love my new DIY shorts! the negligent cut, the sleek material and most of all, the color, the DARK BLUE is (so misterious and special) so far one of my favorite color to wear for this fall!!

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Few days ago I opened an old wardarobe where my family use to put all the old clothing that no one wears anymore, and inside I found, jiss what i found, plenty of old school t-shirts, sweaters, vintage levi's  and all kind of  jeans, so much nice things, I was excited like I found a tesure! the interasting thing is that  I found  mostly all the pieces that was on my  'next buy' list, and I had it right infront of my eyes all the time, I never wondered what's inside. Those bermudas inpress me immediately, especially with the ends rounded up.
transparent sheer shirt /old bermuda jeans /cape-  piaza italia /booties zara /old belt diesel /silver necklace worn as bracelet

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Givenchy mon chéri

sheer, monocrome, black, white and a pinch of  nude rose color, the perfect shoes, all gathered together by Riccardo Tisci for givenchy  SS 12  here are my favorite looks

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pure perfection for fall

I want the cold weather  just for wearing fur jackets and minimalistic coats, like these in photos, the perfect ones from zara

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fluffy and leather

I like the contrast of these two materials, a soft fluffy material on my sweater and the opposite- a hard textured faux leather merged into a beautiful combination. The colors are the opposide too, the fluffy sweater gives a  light touch  and the brown leaher a dark shadow instead . I'm loving it even more because it's story and  age, all these pieces are vintage, except the leather short and the sunnies bouth brought last winter!  

vintage bag-suitcase /vintage belt/ vintage fluffy sweater /stradivarius leather shorts
 /h&m sunnies

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